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Optics & Photonics Feb 26, 2021

Light-twisting 'chiral' nanotechnology could accelerate drug screening

A new approach makes liquid-crystal-like beacons out of harmful amyloid proteins present in diseases such as Type II diabetes.

Veterinary medicine Feb 11, 2021

Scent detection dogs can identify individuals infected with COVID-19

In a recent article in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, authors gathered previously published research to summarize current thinking on the feasibility and efficacy of using scent detection dogs to screen for the COVID-19 ...

Molecular & Computational biology Feb 11, 2021

Bringing bad proteins back into the fold

A study led by UT Southwestern has identified a mechanism that controls the activity of proteins known as chaperones, which guide proteins to fold into the right shapes. The findings, published online today in Nature Communications, ...

Biotechnology Feb 04, 2021

Detecting functional changes at the proteome level

ETH researchers have drastically improved existing proteomics techniques so they can capture all functional alterations in proteins. Their work paves the way for using these signatures as diagnostic tools.

Plants & Animals Feb 02, 2021

3-D imaging provides new insights into reproductive biology of parasite-carrying flies

To better understand the unique reproductive biology of tsetse flies, which are carriers of the parasites that cause a deadly infection known as African sleeping sickness, researchers explored the intact organs and tissues ...

Biotechnology Feb 01, 2021

Supersaturation: The barrier between protein folding and misfolding

Correct, or native, protein folding is essential for correct protein function. Protein misfolding can lead to the formation of amyloid fibrils, and amyloidosis, which is implicated in various human neurodegenerative diseases, ...

Biotechnology Jan 29, 2021

Genes that dance to the circadian rhythm

Scientists at EPFL have made breakthrough discoveries on the circadian clock and how it affects gene expression. Some of the findings suggest a biological underpinning for different behaviors in people, such as morning people, ...

Analytical Chemistry Jan 29, 2021

Accurate drug dosages with proton traps

Researchers at Linköping University, Sweden, have developed a proton trap that makes organic electronic ion pumps more precise when delivering drugs. The new technique may reduce drug side effects, and in the long term, ...

Materials Science Jan 22, 2021

Single atoms as a catalyst

For years, the metal nanoparticles used in catalysts have been getting smaller and smaller. Now, a research team at TU Wien in Vienna, Austria have shown that everything is suddenly different when you arrive at the smallest ...

Bio & Medicine Jan 22, 2021

New self-assembly method creates bioelectronics out of microscopic structures

Bringing together soft, malleable living cells with hard, inflexible electronics can be a difficult task. UChicago researchers have developed a new method to face this challenge by utilizing microscopic structures to build ...

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