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Mathematics Jun 07, 2013

Bayesian statistics theorem holds its own - but use with caution

( —In a Perspective in Science magazine this week, a Stanford Professor of Statistics re-examines Bayes' Theorem, its varying fortunes over the two-and-a-half centuries since it was proposed, and its current boom ...

Materials Science May 31, 2013

New method of producing stereoisomers developed

( —A new study by chemists in Switzerland is likely to change the way many stereoisomer molecules are synthesized for industrial, agricultural, or medical uses.

HIV & AIDS May 24, 2013

Engineered cytomegalovirus protects monkeys from HIV equivalent

(Medical Xpress)—A new study by researchers in the US has shown that an ancient virus can be modified to help in the fight against the simian immunodeficiency virus SIV, which is the equivalent in monkeys to HIV in humans.

Environment May 17, 2013

Fracking risks to ground water assessed

( —Extraction of "unconventional" gas from sedimentary rocks such as shale could provide a clean energy source and help some regions to become energy independent, but concerns have been raised about risks such ...

Earth Sciences May 10, 2013

Dust involved in sulfate production in clouds

( —A new study from Germany has studied the tiny dust particles within clouds and their influence on the climate. The influence of dust particles on cloud formation and on the chemical reactions within clouds has ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes May 03, 2013

Recent studies warn surveillance of bird flu strains is needed

(Medical Xpress)—Recent scientific papers from China suggest a vigilant watch should be kept on the development of bird flu viruses, as a new strain has been identified and previously known viruses have been shown capable ...

Plants & Animals Apr 26, 2013

Research sheds light on how patterns form in bird feathers

( —A new study by scientists in the U.S. and Taiwan has shown that birds have colorful and patterned feathers because of specific cellular interactions involving stem cells rather than through the direct involvement ...

Neuroscience Apr 19, 2013

Babies show visual consciousness at five months

(Medical Xpress)—A new study by scientists in France and Denmark has identified a neurological marker in the brain of babies as young as five months that is associated with visual consciousness, or the ability to process ...

Mathematics Apr 12, 2013

Math pattern analysis shows Twitter users happier the farther they are from home

( —A new mathematical analysis of Twitter messages has shown that happiness indicators increase logarithmically with distance from home, and that people who move around more are likely to be happier than those ...

Cell & Microbiology Apr 05, 2013

Archaeons shown to thrive on fireworks ingredient

( —A new study in the Netherlands has found a deep-sea microbe living in high-temperature hydro-thermal vents can thrive on chlorate and perchlorate anions. Perchlorate, an ingredient in rocket fuel and fireworks, ...

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