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Archaeology & Fossils Mar 22, 2013

Out of Africa date brought forward

( —A study on human mitochondrial DNA has led to a new estimate of the time at which humans first began to migrate out of Africa, which was much later than previously thought.

Earth Sciences Mar 15, 2013

Microbes surviving deep inside oceanic crust

( —A new study shows for the first time that microorganisms are thriving deep within the oceanic crust under the sea floor, and hence far from light or oxygen.

Economics & Business Mar 08, 2013

How behavioral economics is increasing retirement savings

( —A new study of retirement plans in the US has demonstrated how adopting behavioral economics is encouraging people to increase their savings for retirement.

Medical research Mar 01, 2013

Combination of stresses may produce brain disorders, research shows

(Medical Xpress)—A new study in a mouse model has shown that neuropsychiatric disorders in adults were more likely to develop if the mice had suffered immune challenges before birth and stresses after birth. The study also ...

Plants & Animals Feb 22, 2013

Fruit flies medicate their larvae with alcohol

(—A new study in the U.S. shows that fruit flies lay their eggs on a food source with a high alcohol content if they see parasitic wasps in the area, instead of a non-alcohol food.

Engineering Feb 15, 2013

UK's RobotCar demonstrated (w/ Video)

(—A group of scientists at Oxford University in the UK have demonstrated their version of the self-driving car, which promises to be much cheaper than similar cars being developed elsewhere.

Energy & Green Tech Feb 08, 2013

Energy from new Australian wind farms cheaper than from new coal or gas plants, report shows

(—A new study has found that in Australia electricity from new wind farms will be cheaper than that from new coal or gas power plants, which overturns the common presumption that renewables are more expensive than ...

Nanophysics Feb 01, 2013

Nanoscale MRI being developed

(—Two independent groups of scientists in the U.S. and Germany have reduced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) down to the nanoscale, which may enable them in the future to non-destructively detect and image small ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes Jan 25, 2013

Expert warning: Resistance to antibiotics to be apocalyptic

(Medical Xpress)—The chief medical officer for Britain's Department of Health has issued a warning that resistance to bacteria is a more urgent threat to humanity than global warming, with bacteria becoming resistant to ...

Immunology Jan 18, 2013

New study confirms immune cells are guided by gradients

(Medical Xpress)—A group of researchers in Austria and Switzerland has for the first time proven that immune cells migrate along chemical concentration gradients. This process has long been assumed but never demonstrated ...

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