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Materials Science 16 hours ago

Scientists invent lightweight liquid metal materials

Room temperature liquid metal, for example Gallium-based alloy, has high electrical and thermal conductivity, and excellent fluidity. They can be used in various application fields such as flexible electronics, wearable devices, ...

Materials Science 16 hours ago

Shining a new light on biomimetic materials

Advances in biomimicry – creating biological responses within non-biological substances – will enable synthetic materials to behave in ways that were typically only found in Nature. Light provides an especially effective ...

Materials Science Feb 24, 2020

Programmable droplet manipulation by a magnetic-actuation robot

Droplet manipulation in materials science can contribute to water collection, medical diagnostics and drug delivery techniques. While structure-based liquid operations are widely used in nature and in bioinspired artificial ...

Ecology Feb 24, 2020

Soft robot fingers gently grasp deep-sea jellyfish

Marine biologists have adopted "soft robotic linguine fingers" as tools to conduct their undersea research. In a study appearing February 24 in the journal Current Biology, scientists found that jellyfish held by ultra-soft ...

Materials Science Feb 19, 2020

'Flapping wings' powered by the Sun

In ancient Greek mythology, Icarus' wax wings melted when he dared to fly too close to the sun. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces have made artificial wings that are actually powered by the ...

Nanophysics Feb 20, 2020

Researchers develop new method to isolate atomic sheets and create new materials

Two-dimensional materials from layered van der Waals (vdW) crystals hold great promise for electronic, optoelectronic, and quantum devices, but making/manufacturing them has been limited by the lack of high-throughput techniques ...

General Physics Feb 19, 2020

Five millimeter diameter motor is powered directly with light

Researchers at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, with colleagues from Poland and China used liquid crystal elastomer technology to demonstrate a rotary micromotor powered with light. The 5-millimeter diameter ...

Materials Science Feb 19, 2020

Growing crystals to generate random numbers

A team at the University of Glasgow has developed a novel way to generate random numbers by using the randomness inherent in crystal growth. In their paper published in the journal Matter, the group describes using chemistry ...

Nanophysics Feb 19, 2020

Nanomaterials derived from cellulose could make renewable energy cheaper

Nature isn't always generous with its secrets. That's why some researchers look into unusual places for solutions to our toughest challenges, from powerful antibiotics hiding in the guts of tiny worms, to swift robots inspired ...

Space Exploration Feb 20, 2020

Sex in space: Could technology meet astronauts' intimate needs?

The 2018 movie A.I. Rising explores how machines could fulfill desires and support humans during space travel. Lo and behold, it might contain the solution to problems related to space exploration.

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