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Materials Science Nov 18, 2020

Versatile building blocks make structures with surprising mechanical properties

Researchers at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms have created tiny building blocks that exhibit a variety of unique mechanical properties, such as the ability to produce a twisting motion when squeezed. These subunits could ...

Materials Science Nov 18, 2020

Fostering creativity in researchers: How automation can revolutionize materials research

At the heart of many past scientific breakthroughs lies the discovery of novel materials. However, the cycle of synthesizing, testing and optimizing new materials routinely takes scientists long hours of hard work. Because ...

Astronomy Nov 17, 2020

Ancient zircon minerals from Mars reveal the elusive internal structure of the red planet

Analysis of an ancient meteorite from Mars suggests that the mineral zircon may be abundant on the surface of the red planet.

Environment Nov 16, 2020

Finland's battery plans spark environmental fears

Lines of trucks carrying piles of rock crisscross Finland's rugged Terrafame mine, which sits 300km (186 miles) below the Arctic Circle and is Europe's largest source of nickel for electric car batteries.

Space Exploration Nov 10, 2020

Mining rocks in orbit could aid deep space exploration

The first mining experiments conducted in space could pave the way for new technologies to help humans explore and establish settlements on distant worlds, a study suggests.

Nanomaterials Nov 02, 2020

Research lays groundwork for ultra-thin, energy efficient photodetector on glass

Though we may not always realize it, photodetectors contribute greatly to the convenience of modern life. Also known as photosensors, photodetectors convert light energy into electrical signals to complete tasks such as opening ...

Astronomy Oct 30, 2020

Deep-learning algorithms helping to clear space junk from our skies

How do you measure the pose—that is the 3-D rotation and 3-D translation—of a piece of space junk so that a grasping satellite can capture it in real time in order to successfully remove it from Earth's orbit? What role ...

Space Exploration Oct 29, 2020

Asteroid samples tucked into capsule for return to Earth

A NASA spacecraft tucked more than 2 pounds of asteroid samples into a capsule for return to Earth after losing some of its precious loot because of a jammed lid, scientists said Thursday.

Space Exploration Oct 28, 2020

ESA seeking dust-proof materials for lunar return

When humans return to the moon, they'll have formidable challenge lying in wait: lunar dust. The talcum-like lunar regolith is considered the biggest operational problem facing moon colonists. Within a few days of dust exposure, ...

Space Exploration Oct 27, 2020

NASA to launch delicate stowing of OSIRIS-REx asteroid samples

NASA's robotic spacecraft OSIRIS-REx is set to begin on Tuesday a delicate operation to store the precious particles it scooped up from the asteroid Bennu, but which were leaking into space when a flap got wedged open.

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