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Optics & Photonics May 17, 2019

Researchers develop novel framework for tracking developments in optical sensors

Plasmonics and photonics have been drawing attention in both academia and industry due to their use in an extensive range of applications, one of which includes optical sensing. The development of optical sensing technology ...

General Physics May 15, 2019

Holographic imaging of electromagnetic fields using electron-light quantum interference

In conventional holography a photographic film can record the interference pattern of monochromatic light scattered from the object to be imaged with a reference beam of un-scattered light. Scientists can then illuminate ...

Materials Science May 14, 2019

A new sensor for light, heat and touch

Inspired by the behaviour of natural skin, researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linkoping University, have developed a sensor that will be suitable for use with electronic skin. It can measure changes in ...

Nanophysics May 17, 2019

Extraordinarily transparent compact metallic metamaterials

In materials science, achromatic optical components can be designed with high transparency and low dispersion. Materials scientists have shown that although metals are highly opaque, densely packed arrays of metallic nanoparticles ...

Quantum Physics May 07, 2019

Quantum computing with graphene plasmons

A novel material that consists of a single sheet of carbon atoms could lead to new designs for optical quantum computers. Physicists from the University of Vienna and the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona have shown ...

Nanomaterials May 07, 2019

Driving chemical reactions with light

The chemistry of photosynthesis is still poorly understood. However, researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Germany and Rice University in Houston have now uncovered a major piece of the puzzle. Their ...

Optics & Photonics Apr 30, 2019

Future bright for mini synchrotrons

Colliding a stream of electrons with laser light near an array of tiny silver structures could be the recipe for a new X-ray source that could revolutionize medical imaging and security scanning.

General Physics May 07, 2019

Twisting whirlpools of electrons

In Jules Verne's famous classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the iconic submarine Nautilus disappears into the Moskenstraumen, a massive whirlpool off the coast of Norway. In space, stars spiral around black holes; on Earth, ...

Nanophysics Apr 23, 2019

Electron-phonon instability in graphene revealed by global and local noise probes

Understanding nonequilibrium phenomena to effectively control it is an outstanding challenge in science and engineering. In a recent study, Trond. I. Andersen and colleagues at the departments of physics, chemistry, materials ...

Plasma Physics Mar 11, 2019

In-plane coherent control of plasmon resonances for plasmonic switching and encoding

Light incident on metallic nanoparticles can initiate the collective motion of electrons, causing a strong amplification of the local electromagnetic field. Such plasmonic resonances have significant roles in biosensing with ...

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