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Optics & Photonics Oct 16, 2019

Harnessing plasmonics for precision agriculture worldwide

Maiken Mikkelsen wants to change the world by developing a small, inexpensive hyperspectral camera to enable worldwide precision farming practices that would significantly reduce water, energy, fertilizer and pesticide use ...

Nanomaterials Oct 15, 2019

Overlap allows nanoparticles to enhance light-based detection

Rice University scientists have found revealing information where light from a molecule meets light from a nanoparticle.

Optics & Photonics Oct 14, 2019

3-D integrated metasurfaces stacking up for impressive holography

Physicists and materials scientists have developed a compact optical device containing vertically stacked metasurfaces that can generate microscopic text and full-color holograms for encrypted data storage and color displays. ...

Nanomaterials Oct 17, 2019

Researchers observe metal to metal oxide progression

A catalyst's utility is influenced by its surface charge and how that charge is transferred. Until recently, studying charge transfer has relied on complex imaging techniques that are both expensive and time-consuming. Scientists ...

Materials Science Oct 14, 2019

Taking 2-D materials to the MAX

Discovered by researchers at Drexel University as electrodes for energy applications, MXenes have become a research focus for KAUST. Husam Alshareef and his team specialize in creating nanomaterials for electronic and energy ...

Bio & Medicine Sep 24, 2019

Plasmonic silver nanoparticles advance toward ultrafast single-molecule detection

Detection of ultralow concentrations of substances requires devices that can provide ultrafast information processing and offer high detection limits. Plasmonic metal nanoparticles, especially those made of gold and silver, ...

Nanophysics Oct 02, 2019

Quantizing single-molecule surface enhanced Raman Scattering with DNA origami metamolecules

Tailored metal nanoclusters can be actively developed in the lab to manipulate light at the subwavelength scale for nanophotonic applications. However, their precise molecular arrangement in a hotspot with fixed numbers and ...

Nanophysics Sep 23, 2019

Researchers develop new framework for nanoantenna light absorption

Harnessing light's energy into nanoscale volumes requires novel engineering approaches to overcome a fundamental barrier known as the "diffraction limit." However, University of Illinois researchers have breached this barrier ...

Nanomaterials Sep 30, 2019

Scientists develop high-precision sensor based on laser-textured gold film

Scientists at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) with colleagues from Russia, Japan, and Australia have developed a multi-purpose sensor based on a specially designed gold film, the surface of which contains millions of ...

Nanomaterials Oct 01, 2019

Product authentication at your fingertips

Imagine if water vapor in your breath or surrounding your fingertips revealed invisible patterns on commercial products—smartphones, laptops, expensive liquor—that verified the products' authenticity and aided anticounterfeiting ...

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