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Analytical Chemistry Jul 10, 2019

Exhibit A and other true crime shows can fuel misconceptions about forensic science

Forensic science is under attack. A string of recent collapsed trials and quashed convictions that relied on forensic evidence have led some experts to say the field is in crisis.

Plants & Animals May 31, 2019

A combination of agrochemicals shortens the life of bees, study shows

A new study by Brazilian biologists suggests that the effect of pesticides on bees could be worse than previously thought. Even when used at a level considered nonlethal, an insecticide curtailed the lives of bees by up to ...

Environment May 27, 2019

Antibiotics found in some of the world's rivers exceed 'safe' levels, global study finds

Concentrations of antibiotics found in some of the world's rivers exceed 'safe' levels by up to 300 times, the first ever global study has discovered.

Analytical Chemistry Dec 23, 2009

Tracing the traces: Nanogram concentrations of a toxic compound detected in chlorinated tap water

( -- Drinking water can transmit a number of diseases, including typhoid, dysentery, cholera, and diarrhea, which can then spread explosively throughout an entire service area. To avoid this problem, drinking ...

Oct 02, 2005

Device detects nanogram-sized explosives

U.S. researchers have developed a prototype of a tool that can fight terrorism by detecting nanogram-sized samples of explosives.

Other Feb 27, 2013

New wastewater treatment technique protects fish from antidepressants

Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have developed a new technique to prevent pharmaceutical residues from entering waterways and harming wildlife.

Biotechnology May 18, 2011

HeliScopeCAGE: A new gene expression analysis technique on a single molecule sequencer

A new gene expression technique adapted for single molecule sequencing has enabled researchers at the RIKEN Omics Science Center (OSC) to accurately and quantitatively measure gene expression levels using only 100 nanograms ...

Biotechnology Dec 11, 2012

No need to prepare: New method to directly sequence small genomes without library preparation

(—For the first time, researchers sequenced DNA molecules without the need for the standard pre-sequencing workflow known as library preparation.

Biotechnology Jan 05, 2012

NanoCAGE reveals transcriptional landscape of the mouse main olfactory epithelium

The problem in biology of how to identify the promoters of olfactory receptor genes (>1000 genes) has remained unsolved due to the difficulty of purifying sufficient material from the olfactory epithelium. Researchers at ...

Environment Oct 12, 2009

Cash register receipts a new BPA concern

If you read environmental news on a regular basis then you know that consumers are in an uproar about the revelation that SIGG water bottles contain bisphenol-A (BPA), despite the company's previous BPA-free advertisements. ...

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