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Space Exploration 18 hours ago

Juno gets highest-resolution close-up of Jupiter's moon Europa

Observations from the spacecraft's pass of the moon provided the first close-up in over two decades of this ocean world, resulting in remarkable imagery and unique science.

Astronomy 23 hours ago

A possible explanation for Uranus's odd tilt angle and opposite spin

A small team of researchers with members from Sorbonne Université, the University of Maryland College Park, the University of Pisa and Université Côte d'Azur has developed a theory to explain the odd tilt of Uranus and ...

Astronomy Oct 05, 2022

Astronomers find a 'cataclysmic' pair of stars with the shortest orbit yet

Nearly half the stars in our galaxy are solitary like the sun. The other half comprises stars that circle other stars, in pairs and multiples, with orbits so tight that some stellar systems could fit between Earth and the ...

Environment Oct 05, 2022

Africa sounds caution on net zero goal ahead of COP27

Africa needs time and money to wean itself off fossil fuels in order to achieve net zero without jeopardising its future, its representatives are warning ahead of next month's climate talks.

Astronomy Oct 04, 2022

15 spectacular photos from the Dark Energy Camera

From high atop a mountain in the Chilean Andes, the Dark Energy Camera has snapped more than one million exposures of the southern sky. The images have captured around 2.5 billion astronomical objects, including galaxies ...

Archaeology Oct 04, 2022

Research attributes pseudonymous astronomical treatise to Galileo Galilei

A researcher at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage of Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Dr. Matteo Cosci, has retrieved archival information which confirms that the treatise "Considerazioni Astronomiche di ...

Astronomy Oct 04, 2022

Giant impact could have formed the Moon more rapidly, scientists reveal in new simulations

Scientists from Durham University's Institute for Computational Cosmology used the most detailed supercomputer simulations yet to reveal an alternative explanation for the Moon's origin, with a giant impact immediately placing ...

Space Exploration Oct 04, 2022

India loses contact with budget Mars orbiter after eight years

India has lost contact with its Mars orbiter, eight years after the low-cost probe made it the first Asian nation with a spacecraft circling the red planet, its space agency said.

Biochemistry Oct 03, 2022

The fountain of life: Water droplets hold the secret ingredient for building life

Purdue University chemists have uncovered a mechanism for peptide-forming reactions to occur in water—something that has puzzled scientists for decades.

Paleontology & Fossils Oct 03, 2022

Jurassic ichthyosaurs divided food resources to co-exist, researchers find

Early Jurassic ichthyosaur juveniles show predatory specializations, scientists at the University of Bristol have revealed.

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