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Analytical Chemistry May 22, 2019

3-D-printed device detects biomarkers of preterm birth

Preterm birth (PTB)—defined as birth before the 37th week of gestation—is the leading complication of pregnancy. If doctors had a simple, accurate and inexpensive way to identify women at risk for the condition, they ...

Molecular & Computational Biology May 21, 2019

A 'biomultimeter' to measure RNA and protein production in real-time

Builders of genetic circuits face the same quandary as builders of digital circuits: testing their designs. Yet unlike bioengineers, engineers have a simple and universal testing tool—the multimeter—that they can touch ...

Biotechnology May 20, 2019

Cutting the time on early disease diagnoses with extracellular vesicles

When an individual has cancer, or any number of other diseases, early detection can make a huge difference in the outcome. A research team led by the University of Notre Dame is working to cut the test time for disease biomarkers. ...

Biochemistry May 20, 2019

Producing F-18 radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging

Recently ANSTO researchers have made progress investigating improved ways to make life-saving radiopharmaceuticals using the fluorine-18 radioisotope so they can be available in more hospitals at lower cost.

Cell & Microbiology May 20, 2019

Bacteria change behavior to tackle tiny obstacle course

It's not exactly the set of TV's "American Ninja Warrior," but a tiny obstacle course for bacteria has shown researchers how E. coli changes its behavior to rapidly clear obstructions to food. Their work holds implications ...

Bio & Medicine May 07, 2019

Synthetic and living micropropellers support convection-enhanced nanoparticle transport

Nanoparticles (NPs) are a promising platform for drug delivery to treat a variety of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and inflammation. Yet the efficiency of NP transfer to the diseased tissue of interest ...

Bio & Medicine Apr 26, 2019

Tiny robots powered by magnetic fields could help drug-delivery nanoparticles reach their targets

MIT engineers have designed tiny robots that can help drug-delivery nanoparticles push their way out of the bloodstream and into a tumor or another disease site. Like crafts in "Fantastic Voyage"—a 1960s science fiction ...

Analytical Chemistry May 16, 2019

Scientists develop technology to capture tumor cells

Instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, what if you were able to sweep the entire haystack to one side, leaving only the needle behind? That's the strategy researchers in the University of Georgia College of Engineering ...

Analytical Chemistry May 08, 2019

Mini-centrifuge for simpler study of blood cells opens new organ-on-chip possibilities

A simple innovation the size of a grain of sand means we can now analyse cells and tiny particles as if they were inside the human body.

Biotechnology May 13, 2019

Human gut microbiome physiology can now be studied in vitro using Organ Chip technology

The human microbiome, the huge collection of microbes that live inside and on our body, profoundly affects human health and disease. The human gut flora in particular, which harbor the densest number of microbes, not only ...

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