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Optics & Photonics 4 hours ago

Machine-learning method to find optimal solutions in extremely large design spaces

Electrical engineers at Duke University have devised a new method for solving difficult design problems with many potential solutions in a large design space using machine learning. Dubbed the "neural-adjoint method," the ...

Cell & Microbiology 4 hours ago

3D visualization and quantification of bioplastic PHA in a living bacterial cell

A research team at KAIST has observed how bioplastic granule is being accumulated in living bacteria cells through 3D holographic microscopy. Their 3D imaging and quantitative analysis of the bioplastic 'polyhydroxyalkanoate' ...

Environment 5 hours ago

A 20-foot sea wall won't save Miami: How living structures can help protect the coast

Miami is all about the water and living life outdoors. Walking paths and parks line large stretches of downtown waterfront with a stunning bay view.

Polymers 23 hours ago

Turning diapers into sticky notes: Using chemical recycling to prevent millions of tons of waste

Every year, 3.5 million metric tons of sodden diapers end up in landfills.

Materials Science Jul 27, 2021

A naturally inspired, reusable system that purifies water and builds itself

In nature, the interaction of molecules at the boundary of different liquids can give rise to new structures. These self-assembling molecules make cell formation possible and are instrumental to the development of all life ...

Materials Science Jul 27, 2021

Upcycling plastic waste into high-performing mechanical lubricants

Finding new solutions to address the challenges posed by plastic waste can dramatically improve global sustainability practices and help achieve a greener future. While many researchers are working to solve this problem on ...

Plants & Animals Jul 27, 2021

Engineers may learn from bees for optimal honeycomb designs

Perfect hexagonal structures inspired by honeycombs in bee nests are widely used to build everything from airplane wings, boats, and cars, to skis, snowboards, packaging and acoustic dampening materials.

General Physics Jul 27, 2021

Under pressure, 'squishy' compound reacts in remarkable ways

Remarkable things happen when a "squishy" compound of manganese and sulfide (MnS2) is compressed in a diamond anvil, say researchers from the University of Rochester and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Condensed Matter Jul 26, 2021

Through the thin-film glass, researchers spot a new liquid phase

Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes a new type of liquid in thin films, which forms a high-density glass. Results generated in this study, conducted by researchers in Penn's ...

Nanomaterials Jul 26, 2021

Researchers demonstrate technique for recycling nanowires in electronics

Researchers at North Carolina State University have demonstrated a low-cost technique for retrieving nanowires from electronic devices that have reached the end of their utility, and then using those nanowires in new devices. ...

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