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Materials Science Oct 08, 2019

High thermoelectric performance in low-cost SnS0.91Se0.09 crystals

Thermoelectric materials technology can convert between heat and electricity within a materials construct, but many existing materials contain rare or toxic elements. In a new study on Science, Wenke He and colleagues reported ...

Molecular & Computational biology May 22, 2019

Ancient toy inspires tool for state-of-the-art science

A 5,000-year-old toy still enjoyed by kids today has inspired an inexpensive, hand-powered scientific tool that could not only impact how field biologists conduct their research but also allow high-school students and others ...

Bio & Medicine Apr 11, 2019

Therapeutics-on-a-chip (TOC): Manufacturing synthetic proteins for point-of-care therapeutics

Therapeutic proteins are protein-based drug candidates bioengineered in the lab for pharmaceutical and clinical applications. Based on their pharmacokinetics, the candidates can be divided into groups that (1) replace a defective ...

Bio & Medicine Mar 26, 2019

Cellular microRNA detection with miRacles

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short noncoding regulatory RNAs that can repress gene expression post-transcriptionally and are therefore increasingly used as biomarkers of disease. Detecting miRNAs can be arduous and expensive as ...

General Physics Nov 04, 2019

Extending electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to nanoliter volume protein single crystals

Biochemists can use electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) on protein single crystals to determine the ultimate electronic structure of paramagnetic protein intermediates and investigate the relative magnetic tensor to a molecular ...

Bio & Medicine Jun 14, 2019

Raising fluid walls around living cells

Cell culture plates that are in everyday use in biology can be effectively transformed into microfluidic devices, opening paths for biologists to miniaturize cell-based workflows. In a recent report, Ph.D. researcher Cristian ...

Optics & Photonics Sep 03, 2019

Turning a handheld smartphone into a fluorescence microscope

Researchers in the U.S. and China have developed a method to transform a smartphone into a fluorescence microscope. The handheld smartphone-fluorescence microscope (HSFM) device allows complex biomedical analyses both rapidly ...

Materials Science Apr 29, 2019

Engineering ECM-like fibers with bioactive silk for 3-D cell culture

Biological tissues are built when cells anchor to specific sites on a 3-D microfiber network in an extracellular matrix (ECM). Scientists are keen to recreate biological tissues in the lab using bioinspired tissue engineering ...

Space Exploration Nov 10, 2013

Frugal Mars mission launchpad for India in global space market

India's bid to become the first Asian nation to reach Mars sets a new benchmark for frugal interplanetary travel and puts it in a perfect position to grab more of the $300-billion global space market, experts say.

Social Sciences May 14, 2015

Even flush families find value in frugality

Middle-income earners are just as thrifty as those less well-off when it comes to budgeting the family finances, QUT research has found.

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