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General Physics Jul 01, 2019

Transformer cells: Shaping cellular 'behaviour'

Scientists from Sechenov University, conjointly with their fellow Chinese and American researchers, have examined the latest advances in the use of skeletal muscle progenitor cells, specifying the core challenges inherent ...

Biochemistry Jul 11, 2019

Osteoblastic lysosome plays a central role in mineralization

Mineralization is mediated by osteoblasts, which secrete mineral precursors through matrix vesicles (MVs) as a fundamental process in vertebrates. The vesicles are calcium and phosphate rich, containing organic materials ...

Plants & Animals Jun 26, 2019

Researchers unlocking keys to longevity of egg cell supply in mammals

Since female mammals are born with a limited number of egg cells, most of the egg cells wait in a dormant state before maturing later in life to ensure a long period of fertility. However, how this dormant state is achieved ...

Biochemistry May 22, 2019

New understanding of how cells form tunnels may help in treating wounds, tumors

A simple slice of the finger sends a complex series of interactions between types of cells into motion. Two types of cells in particular, called macrophages and fibroblasts, work together to clean up and repair the fibers ...

Cell & Microbiology May 06, 2019

Engineering artificial cell membranes to drive in situ fibrin hydrogel formation

Re-engineering the cell membrane for improved biofunction is an emerging, powerful tool in cell biology to develop next-generation cell therapies. The process can allow users to supplement cells with added therapeutic functionalities. ...

Materials Science Apr 29, 2019

Engineering ECM-like fibers with bioactive silk for 3-D cell culture

Biological tissues are built when cells anchor to specific sites on a 3-D microfiber network in an extracellular matrix (ECM). Scientists are keen to recreate biological tissues in the lab using bioinspired tissue engineering ...

Bio & Medicine Apr 26, 2019

Stimulating the differentiation of bone precursors with organically modified hydroxyapatite (ormoHAP) nanospheres

Bioinspired materials mimic their natural counterparts for characteristic functionality in multidisciplinary applications forming a popular theme in biomaterials development. In bone tissue engineering, for instance, researchers ...

Bio & Medicine May 07, 2019

Synthetic and living micropropellers support convection-enhanced nanoparticle transport

Nanoparticles (NPs) are a promising platform for drug delivery to treat a variety of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and inflammation. Yet the efficiency of NP transfer to the diseased tissue of interest ...

Bio & Medicine Jun 14, 2019

Raising fluid walls around living cells

Cell culture plates that are in everyday use in biology can be effectively transformed into microfluidic devices, opening paths for biologists to miniaturize cell-based workflows. In a recent report, Ph.D. researcher Cristian ...

Materials Science Jun 05, 2019

Molecular bait can help hydrogels heal wounds

Like fishermen, Rice University bioengineers are angling for their daily catch. But their bait, biomolecules in a hydrogel scaffold, lures microscopic stem cells instead of fish.

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