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Cell & Microbiology Oct 30, 2019

New platform enables faster and easier measurement of cell-generated forces

When the best tool for the job isn't good enough, engineers figure out how to build a new one. That's what John Slater, University of Delaware assistant professor of biomedical engineering, did with a technique called traction ...

Biotechnology Oct 25, 2019

Ultrastructure of focal adhesion scaffold unveiled in human pluripotent stem cells

Focal adhesions are known as signaling platforms broadcasting the information of the biochemical and physical qualities of the extracellular matrix into intracellular signaling cascades. However, focal adhesions remain unstudied ...

Other Oct 21, 2019

Lab-grown meat: Researchers grow muscle cells on edible fibers

Lab-grown or cultured meat could revolutionize food production, providing a greener, more sustainable, more ethical alternative to large-scale meat production. But getting lab-grown meat from the petri dish to the dinner ...

Biochemistry Sep 20, 2019

Engineered bacterial biofilms immobilizing nanoparticles enable diverse catalytic applications

Immobilization is considered a feasible strategy for addressing toxicity and nanomaterial pollution confronted by nano-catalysts in practical applications. A research team from ShanghaiTech University harvested genetically ...

Biotechnology Sep 17, 2019

Bioengineering organ-specific tissues with high cellular density and embedded vascular channels

Bioengineers study the development of organ-specific tissues in the lab for therapeutic applications. However, the process is highly challenging, since it requires the fabrication and maintenance of dense cellular constructs ...

Biotechnology Oct 16, 2019

Engineering biomimetic microvascular meshes for subcutaneous islet transplantation

To successfully engineer cell or tissue implants, bioengineers must facilitate their metabolic requirements through vascular regeneration. However, it is challenging to develop a broad strategy for stable and functional vascularization. ...

Cell & Microbiology Feb 23, 2016

Study reveals how cells of an organism interact with their extracellular matrix

The cells of an organism interact not only with each other but with the extracellular matrix that surrounds them. Increasing evidence is unveiling the relevance of this structure—which is secreted by the cells themselves— ...

Materials Science Dec 20, 2011

Scientists create a functional model of the extracellular matrix

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have created a functional model of the native extracellular matrix that provides structural support to cells to aid growth and proliferation. The model could lead to advances ...

Biochemistry Dec 12, 2011

The extracellular matrix

NPL scientists have created a functional model of the native extracellular matrix which provides structural support to cells to aid growth and proliferation and could lead to advances in regenerative medicine.

Cell & Microbiology Jan 23, 2012

Mighty mesh: Extracellular matrix identified as source of spreading in biofilms

New research at Harvard explains how bacterial biofilms expand to form slimy mats on teeth, pipes, surgical instruments, and crops.

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