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Nanomaterials Sep 21, 2020

Carbon nanotubes developed for super efficient desalination

Membrane separations have become critical to human existence, with no better example than water purification. As water scarcity becomes more common and communities start running out of cheap available water, they need to ...

Earth Sciences Aug 25, 2020

Yes, it's been raining a lot, but that doesn't mean Australia's drought has broken

Heavy rain in parts of Australia in recent months has raised hopes Australia's protracted drought is finally over. But determining whether a region has recovered from drought is a complex undertaking.

Ecology Sep 01, 2020

Fish invasions follow Panama and Suez canal expansions

World maritime trade grows each year, aided by canal waterways that connect oceans and reduce shipping time, energy consumption and carbon emissions. Following recent expansions of the Panama and Suez canals, non-native fish ...

Materials Science Jul 29, 2020

New fabric could help keep you cool in the summer, even without A/C

Air conditioning and other space cooling methods account for about 10% of all electricity consumption in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Applied Materials ...

Nanophysics Jul 28, 2020

Discovery will allow more sophisticated work at nanoscale

The movement of fluids through small capillaries and channels is crucial for processes ranging from blood flow through the brain to power generation and electronic cooling systems, but that movement often stops when the channel ...

Materials Science Jul 10, 2020

Research on seawater surface tension becomes international guideline

The property of water that enables a bug to skim the surface of a pond or keeps a carefully placed paperclip floating on the top of a cup of water is known as surface tension. Understanding the surface tension of water is ...

Materials Science Jul 28, 2020

How clean water technologies could get a boost from X-ray synchrotrons

The world needs clean water, and its need is only going to grow in the coming decades. Yet desalination and other water-purifying technologies are often expensive and require a lot of energy to run, making it that much harder ...

Other Aug 18, 2020

High-tech farmers sow seeds of revolution in Dubai desert

An ultra-modern vertical farm in the middle of the desert stands as a testament to Dubai's determination to spark a "green revolution" to overcome its dependence on food imports.

Environment Aug 14, 2020

US West faces reckoning over water but avoids cuts for now

The white rings that wrap around two massive lakes in the U.S. West are a stark reminder of how water levels are dropping and a warning that the 40 million people who rely on the Colorado River face a much drier future.

Condensed Matter Aug 11, 2020

X-rays indicate that water can behave like a liquid crystal

Scientists at Stockholm University have discovered that water can exhibit a similar behavior to that of a liquid crystal when illuminated with laser light. This effect originates by the alignment of water molecules, which ...

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