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Space Exploration Dec 03, 2019

NASA finds Indian Moon lander with help of amateur space enthusiast

India's Vikram lunar lander, which crashed on its final approach to the Moon's surface in September, has been found thanks in part to the sleuthing efforts of an amateur space enthusiast.

Space Exploration Nov 19, 2019

Olivine-norite rock detected by Yutu-2 likely crystallized from the SPA impact melt pool

The South Pole-Aitken (SPA) is the largest and deepest basin on the Moon, theoretically opening a window into the lunar lower crust and likely into the upper mantle. However, compositional information of the SPA basin was ...

Space Exploration Nov 14, 2019

China tests Mars lander in international cooperation push

China showed off its Mars spacecraft during a landing test Thursday as the country pushes for inclusion in more global space projects.

Space Exploration Nov 27, 2019

Dutch-Chinese radio telescope antennas unfolded behind the moon

The three antennas on the Dutch-Chinese radio telescope, which is currently located behind the moon, have been unfolded. This was officially announced today by the Dutch team. The Netherlands-China Low Frequency Explorer ...

Plants & Animals Nov 29, 2019

Indian authorities may have exaggerated claims of rising tiger numbers

The Indian government claims that the national tiger population has more than doubled since 2006, but independent scientists have found this highly unlikely. It is almost impossible for the tiger population to grow with such ...

Space Exploration Sep 24, 2019

Reconstructing the first successful lunar farside landing

In January of this year, China's Chang'E-4—the fourth version of a lunar spacecraft named for the Chinese goddess of the Moon—landed on the far side of the Moon. Due to the location of the landing, Chang'E-4 had to navigate ...

Space Exploration Sep 24, 2019

New study complicates theory that ancient impact pierced Moon's crust

The moon's largest and oldest impact crater likely doesn't have minerals from below the lunar crust on its surface, complicating a theory that an ancient massive impact event pierced the Moon's crust during the crater's formation, ...

Space Exploration Oct 16, 2019

Robotic spiders to explore the moon

There is no doubt that one of the hallmarks of the modern space age is that it is becoming increasingly democratic. In addition to more space agencies entering the fray, private aerospace companies are contributing like never ...

Space Exploration Sep 08, 2019

India locates lander lost on final approach to moon

The lander module from India's moon mission was located on the lunar surface on Sunday, one day after it lost contact with the space station, and efforts are underway to try to establish contact with it, the head of the nation's ...

Space Exploration Sep 10, 2019

India locates missing Moon lander

Indian space scientists were desperately trying Tuesday to establish communication with their broken Moon lander, having located the probe that went silent moments before it was due to make a historic soft landing.

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