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Space Exploration Oct 21, 2021

South Korea launches first domestic space rocket but mission fails

South Korea launched its first domestically developed space rocket on Thursday but failed to put its dummy payload into orbit, a setback in the country's attempts to join the ranks of advanced space-faring nations.

Planetary Sciences Oct 19, 2021

Samples from China mission show Moon 'active' more recently than thought

The first lunar rocks brought back to Earth in decades show the Moon was volcanically active more recently than previously thought, Chinese scientists said Tuesday.

Space Exploration Oct 16, 2021

China's 'space dream': A Long March to the Moon and beyond

The arrival of three astronauts at China's new space station on Saturday marks a landmark step in its space ambitions, its longest crewed mission to date.

Space Exploration Oct 16, 2021

New crew docks at China's first permanent space station

Chinese astronauts began Saturday their six-month mission on China's first permanent space station, after successfully docking aboard their spacecraft.

Space Exploration Oct 15, 2021

China launches 3 astronauts on 6-month space station mission

China on Saturday sent three astronauts to its space station for a record-setting six-month stay as the country moves toward completing the new orbiting outpost

Space Exploration Oct 15, 2021

With latest mission, China renews space cooperation vow

Shortly ahead of sending a new three-person crew to its space station, China on Friday renewed its commitment to international cooperation in the peaceful use of space.

Space Exploration Oct 14, 2021

China set to send 3 astronauts on longest crewed mission yet

China is preparing to send three astronauts to live on its space station for six months—a new milestone for a program that has advanced rapidly in recent years.

Space Exploration Oct 08, 2021

Newly returned moon rock samples chronicle the dying days of lunar volcanism

Billions of years ago, lakes of lava on the surface of the moon eventually dried to form the vast dark patches—the lunar maria—visible today on the lunar nearside. Now, thanks to rock samples recently returned to Earth ...

Space Exploration Oct 07, 2021

Samples returned by Chang'e-5 reveal key age of moon rocks

A lunar probe launched by the Chinese space agency recently brought back the first fresh samples of rock and debris from the moon in more than 40 years. Now an international team of scientists—including an expert from Washington ...

Economics & Business Sep 30, 2021

How the pandemic has changed China's economy, perhaps for good

China was the first country to be affected by COVID-19 and took unprecedented lockdown measures that led to a historic decline in growth of at least 6% in 2020. But in 2021, the country has mounted a recovery and economic ...

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