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Materials Science Jun 22, 2020

'Robotic soft matter' bends, rotates and crawls when hit with light

Northwestern University researchers have developed a family of soft materials that imitates living creatures.

Space Exploration Nov 11, 2019

Stingray-inspired spacecraft aims to explore dark side of Venus

Venus is Earth's neighbor, yet scientists' understanding of the planet is relatively limited, especially on the so-called "dark side."

Nanophysics Sep 17, 2019

Colloidal nanotweezers are new tool for advanced particle manipulation

Tools for manipulating small suspended particles such as cells, micro-particles and nanoparticles play an essential role in the advancement of fundamental science and discovery of new technologies. Especially, manipulation ...

Robotics Mar 27, 2019

The social animals that are inspiring new behaviours for robot swarms

From flocks of birds to fish schools in the sea, or towering termite mounds, many social groups in nature exist together to survive and thrive. This cooperative behaviour can be used by engineers as "bio-inspiration" to solve ...

Nanomaterials Nov 07, 2018

'Bionic mushrooms' fuse nanotech, bacteria and fungi

In their latest feat of engineering, researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology have taken an ordinary white button mushroom from a grocery store and made it bionic, supercharging it with 3-D-printed clusters of cyanobacteria ...

Nanophysics Jul 16, 2018

Single-celled architects inspire new nanotechnology

Diatoms are tiny, unicellular creatures, inhabiting oceans, lakes, rivers, and soils. Through their respiration, they produce close to a quarter of the oxygen on earth, nearly as much as the world's tropical forests. In addition ...

Polymers Jun 14, 2018

This is what a stretchy circuit looks like

Researchers in China have made a new hybrid conductive material—part elastic polymer, part liquid metal—that can be bent and stretched at will. Circuits made with this material can take most two-dimensional shapes and ...

Materials Science Feb 14, 2018

Engineers develop smart material that changes stiffness when twisted or bent

A new smart and responsive material can stiffen up like a worked-out muscle, say the Iowa State University engineers who developed it.

Engineering Nov 14, 2017

Scientists create a prototype neural network based on memristors

Lobachevsky University scientists under the supervision of Alexey Mikhailov, head of the UNN PTRI Laboratory of Thin Film Physics and Technology, are working to develop an adaptive neural interface that combines a living ...

Engineering Sep 20, 2017

Drones can almost see in the dark

UZH researchers have taught drones how to fly using an eye-inspired camera, opening the door to them performing fast, agile maneuvers and flying in low-light environments. Possible applications could include supporting rescue ...

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