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Plants & Animals Sep 11, 2017

Robotics modelled on bees

In a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, a research group from Graz is investigating the behaviour of young honeybees immediately after hatching and successfully transfers this to robots. The bees' brood-care ...

Robotics Jul 31, 2017

Opinion: Super-intelligence and eternal life—transhumanism's faithful follow it blindly into a future for the elite

The rapid development of so-called NBIC technologies – nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science – are giving rise to possibilities that have long been the domain of science fiction. ...

Engineering Oct 25, 2016

Bio-inspired lower-limb 'wearing robotic exoskeleton' for human gait rehab

Stroke and spinal cord injury patients often require gait rehabilitation to regain the ability to walk or to help strengthen their muscles. Wearable "robot-assisted training" is quickly emerging as a method that helps improve ...

Robotics Aug 08, 2016

Cyborg stingray swims toward light, breaks new ground

The idea of taking apart a rat's heart and transforming it into a tissue-engineered stingray first came to Kevin Kit Parker during a trip to the New England Aquarium with his daughter.

Materials Science Jul 06, 2016

Researchers develop light-powered molecular motors that repetitively bend and unbend

Scientists at Japan's Hokkaido University have developed light-powered molecular motors that repetitively bend and unbend, bringing us closer to molecular robots.

Robotics Mar 14, 2016

Research helps bacteria-powered microrobots plot a course

The problem with having a microscopic robot propelled by a horde of tail-flailing bacteria is you never know where it's going to end up. The tiny, bio-robots, which amount to a chip coated with a "carpet" of flagellated bacteria, ...

Materials Science Nov 09, 2015

New 'water adhesive' is tougher than natural adhesives employed by mussels and barnacles

Nature has developed innovative ways to solve a sticky challenge: Mussels and barnacles stubbornly glue themselves to cliff faces, ship hulls, and even the skin of whales. Likewise, tendons and cartilage stick to bone with ...

Engineering Aug 20, 2015

Using plant materials for aerospace and automotive application

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is pioneering a research using plant materials to produce a bio-sourced hybrid composite for aerospace and automotive application.

Engineering May 15, 2015

The human body as a new frontier of cyber-physical systems

Today the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced two five-year, center-scale awards totaling $8.75 million to advance the state-of-the-art in medical and cyber-physical systems (CPS).

Nanomaterials May 30, 2013

Hybrid carbon nanotube yarn muscle

Professor Seon Jeong Kim of Hanyang University has created a high capacity yarn muscle that does not require electrolytes or special packaging. It will have a big impact in the motor, biological and robot industry.

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