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Earth Sciences Apr 15, 2021

AI pinpoints local pollution hotspots using satellite images

Researchers at Duke University have developed a method that uses machine learning, satellite imagery and weather data to autonomously find hotspots of heavy air pollution, city block by city block.

Plants & Animals Mar 08, 2021

Paw hygiene is no reason to ban assistance dogs from hospitals – they're cleaner than people's shoes

Well over 10,000 people in Europe use an assistance dog; think of guide dogs for people with a visual impairment, hearing dogs for people with a hearing impairment, medical response service dogs and psychiatric service dogs.

Nanophysics Dec 22, 2020

Two dimensional heterostructures composed of layers with slightly different lattice vectors

New periodic structures known as moiré lattices can be observed in two-dimensional (2-D) heterostructures containing layers with slightly different lattice vectors, which can in turn support new topological phenomena. It ...

Condensed Matter Mar 30, 2020

Resolving spatial and energetic distributions of trap states in metal halide perovskite solar cells

In a new report published on Science, Zhenyi Ni and a research team in applied physical sciences, mechanical and materials engineering and computer and energy engineering in the U.S. profiled spatial and energetic distributions ...

General Physics Mar 10, 2020

Electrical power generation from moderate-temperature radiative thermal sources

Moderate-temperature thermal sources often radiate waste heat as a by-product of mechanical work, chemical or nuclear reactions, or information processing. In a new report in Science, Paul S. Davids and a research team at ...

Environment Nov 12, 2018

Modelling reveals dynamics of climate change, urbanization and heat-mitigating technologies

The near-term future of Earth is one of a warming planet, as urban expansion and greenhouse gas emissions stoke the effects of climate change. Current climate projections show that in U.S. cities temperatures are expected ...

Economics & Business Apr 25, 2018

Sizing up the measurable good of affirmative action

Want to start an argument at your next dinner party? Utter the words "affirmative action," and then bear down on your salad. The issue is particularly divisive because many people regard it as zero-sum: If your kid gets into ...

Plants & Animals Nov 15, 2017

Scientists team up on study to save endangered African Penguins

With less than 25,000 breeding pairs in existence today, it is an uphill battle for the African Penguin, which calls South Africa home. The 60 percent drop in their population since 2001 has put them on the endangered species ...

Condensed Matter Nov 01, 2017

Amorphous metallic glass for high-sensitivity MEMS microphones

Advanced microphones using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are capable of supporting new user interactions with "smart" devices, like chatting with Apple's Siri, or Amazon's Alexa. The key to achieving the high sensitivity ...

Mathematics Jun 20, 2017

Diagnosing obesity by mathematically estimating abdominal fat

Abdominal obesity, or fat that accumulates around one's stomach and abdomen, has long been considered to pose a high health risk in individuals. Hence, measurement of "central obesity"—as it's often called—helps predict ...

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