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Space Exploration 9 hours ago

Image: Mesh reflector for shaped radio beams

This prototype 2.6-m diameter metal-mesh antenna reflector represents a big step forward for the European space sector: versions can be manufactured to reproduce any surface pattern that antenna designers wish, something ...

Nanomaterials Sep 17, 2020

Sturdy fabric-based piezoelectric energy harvester takes us one step closer to wearable electronics

KAIST researchers presented a highly flexible but sturdy wearable piezoelectric harvester using the simple and easy fabrication process of hot pressing and tape casting. This energy harvester, which has record high interfacial ...

Environment Sep 15, 2020

Q&A: The multiple benefits of a world without air conditioning

When most people think of cooling, they automatically imagine air conditioning, or cooling the air in a room. But there is a much more efficient way to cool people, using the body's radiation.

General Physics Sep 10, 2020

Researcher creates an ultra-simple inexpensive method to fabricate optical fiber

A novel process to fabricate special optical fiber that is far simpler, faster and cheaper than the conventional method has been developed by Cristiano Cordeiro, a researcher and professor at the University of Campinas's ...

Analytical Chemistry Sep 04, 2020

Unraveling the secrets of Tennessee whiskey

More than a century has passed since the last scientific analyses of the famed "Lincoln County [Tennessee] process" was published, but the secrets of the famous Tennessee whiskey flavor are starting to unravel at the University ...

Environment Sep 04, 2020

Indonesia's coastal communities shoulder the impacts of ocean plastic

The urgency of reducing single-use plastic in global supply chains has been highlighted by a University of Queensland study in collaboration with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

Environment Sep 03, 2020

High levels of toxic flame retardant chemicals found in dust inside college classrooms

There are good reasons to be worried about indoor air quality right now, in light of COVID-19. In addition to transmitting infectious agents, indoor spaces can also be a source of harmful chemicals in consumer products. A ...

Social Sciences Sep 03, 2020

Tear gas should be banned, researchers find; here's why

The use of tear gas—particularly CS gas—as a riot control agent, cannot be reconciled with respect for fundamental human rights and should therefore be banned entirely in international law, the University of Toronto's ...

Environment Sep 03, 2020

Comprehensive look at US fuel economy standards show big savings on fuel and emissions

In one of the first comprehensive assessments of the fuel economy standards in the United States, Princeton University researchers found that, over their 40-year history, the standards helped reduce reliance on foreign oil ...

Nanomaterials Sep 03, 2020

Hybrid nanomaterials hold promise for improved ceramic composites

Researchers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base are seeking to patent a novel process for manufacturing a type of material called preceramic polymer-grafted nanoparticles, or "hairy nanoparticles" (HNP).

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