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Polymers 13 hours ago

Coating could protect multiple surfaces, including monuments, from various levels of erosion

Researchers in the Center for Photochemical Sciences at Bowling Green State University have developed a coating system that shows promise in preserving historical monuments—and possibly much more.

Astronomy 16 hours ago

Astronomers directly image a Jupiter-sized planet orbiting a sunlike star

According to the most widely-accepted theory, planetary systems form from large clouds of dust and gas that form disks around young stars. Over time, these disks accrete to create planets of varying size, composition, and ...

Social Sciences 16 hours ago

Cyborgs v 'holdout humans': What the world might be like if our species survives for a million years

Most species are transitory. They go extinct, branch into new species or change over time due to random mutations and environmental shifts. A typical mammalian species can be expected to exist for a million years. Modern ...

Environment 16 hours ago

Coastal property prices and climate risks are both soaring. We must pull our heads out of the sand

Australians' well-documented affinity with the sun, surf and sand continues to fuel coastal property market growth. This growth defies rising interest rates and growing evidence of the impacts of climate change on people ...

Astronomy 18 hours ago

Mysteriously bright flash is a black hole jet pointing straight toward Earth, astronomers say

Earlier this year, astronomers were keeping tabs on data from the Zwicky Transient Facility, an all-sky survey based at the Palomar Observatory in California, when they detected an extraordinary flash in a part of the sky ...

Astronomy 21 hours ago

Two new young open clusters discovered

By analyzing the data from ESA's Gaia satellite, astronomers have detected two new young open clusters. The newfound clusters, designated Casado 82 and Casado-Hendy 1, are located in a nearby primordial group of open clusters. ...

Ecology Nov 30, 2022

Climate's toll on trees threatens the sound of music

Stroking a tiny spruce sapling, Swiss forest ranger Francois Villard fears the tree will not withstand global warming and live to a ripe old age like its ancestors.

Materials Science Nov 29, 2022

Engineers use quantum computing to develop transparent window coating that blocks heat, saves energy

Cooling accounts for about 15 percent of global energy consumption. Conventional clear windows allow the sun to heat up interior spaces, which energy-guzzling air-conditioners must then cool down. But what if a window could ...

Ecology Nov 29, 2022

White sharks once again migrate into Florida's waters, probably eating other sharks

It's that time of year again: White sharks, just like snowbirds, have started heading south for the weather. They're turning toward Florida's waters after spending the summer off Cape Cod and Nova Scotia, hunting seals and ...

Astronomy Nov 29, 2022

NASA scientists create black hole jets with supercomputer

Leveraging the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center scientists ran 100 simulations exploring jets—narrow beams of energetic particles—that emerge at nearly light speed from supermassive ...

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