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Astronomy Feb 3, 2023

Why do black holes twinkle? Study examines 5,000 star-eating behemoths to find out

Black holes are bizarre things, even by the standards of astronomers. Their mass is so great, it bends space around them so tightly that nothing can escape, even light itself.

Agriculture Feb 3, 2023

Mushrooms emerge from the shadows in pesticide-free production push

From stir-frys to stroganoffs, the tasty fungus central to health-conscious cuisine may be cultivated in greener ways.

Astrobiology Feb 3, 2023

Astronomers find rare Earth-mass rocky planet suitable for the search for signs of life

A newly discovered exoplanet could be worth searching for signs of life. Analyses by a team led by astronomer Diana Kossakowski of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy describe a planet that orbits its home star, the red ...

Astronomy Feb 2, 2023

Astronomers detect a second planet orbiting two stars

Planets orbiting binary stars are in a tough situation: They have to contend with the gravitational pull of two separate stars. Planetary formation around a single star like our sun is relatively straightforward compared ...

Space Exploration Feb 2, 2023

Soon every spacecraft could navigate the solar system autonomously using pulsars

If you want to know where you are in space, you'd better bring along a map. But it's a little more complicated than riding shotgun on a family road trip.

Plants & Animals Feb 2, 2023

This strange donkey orchid uses UV light to trick bees into thinking it has food

If you've ever compared a frozen pizza to the photo on the box, you know the feeling of being duped by appetizing looks.

Archaeology Feb 2, 2023

Researcher uses AI to make texts that are thousands of years old readable

How should we live when we know we must die? This question is posed by the first work of world literature, the Gilgamesh epic. More than 4,000 years ago, Gilgamesh set out on a quest for immortality. Like all Babylonian literature, ...

Astronomy Feb 2, 2023

Astronomers observe light bending around an isolated white dwarf

Astronomers have directly measured the mass of a dead star using an effect known as gravitational microlensing, first predicted by Albert Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity, and first observed by two Cambridge astronomers ...

Earth Sciences Feb 1, 2023

Wildfires are increasingly burning California's snowy landscapes, colliding with winter droughts to shrink snowpack

The early pandemic years overlapped with some of California's worst wildfires on record, creating haunting, orange-tinted skies and wide swaths of burned landscape. Some of the impacts of these fires are well known, including ...

Astronomy Feb 1, 2023

Curious comet's rare close approach

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) today makes its closest approach to Earth before likely leaving our solar system forever. At billions of years old and not seen since Neanderthals roamed, the green comet continues to intrigue as it ...

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