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Ecology Dec 05, 2022

New research shows people, wildlife, and marine environment benefit when island-ocean connections are restored

Restoring and rewilding islands that have been decimated by damaging invasive species provides benefits to not only the terrestrial ecosystem but to coastal and marine environments as well. Linking land and sea through coordinated ...

General Physics Dec 05, 2022

World Cup: This year's special Al Rihla ball has the aerodynamics of a champion, according to a sports physicist

As with every World Cup, at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar the players will be using a new ball. The last thing competitors want is for the most important piece of equipment in the most important tournament in the world's ...

Ecology Dec 05, 2022

Russia: Mass seal death likely due to oxygen deprivation

A top Russian environmental official said Monday that the thousands of dead seals that washed up on Russia's Caspian Sea coast likely died from oxygen deprivation.

Biochemistry Dec 02, 2022

Zapped, infrared-heated lentils are more nutritious and 'greener' to process

By combining heat from microwaves and infrared energy, University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers have uncovered a new, more energy efficient way to process lentils, making them more nutritious and digestible. The findings ...

Molecular & Computational biology Dec 01, 2022

More than 52 million birds in the US have been affected by an outbreak of avian influenza

A form of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been causing widespread disruption and illness in birds since first being detected roughly a year ago. Last March, a bald eagle found dead in Pennsylvania's Chester County ...

Archaeology Dec 01, 2022

Gold Rush treasures from 1857 shipwreck up for Reno auction

Since the recovery of sunken treasure began decades ago from an 1857 shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina, tens of millions of dollars worth of gold has been sold.

Archaeology Nov 30, 2022

Gold from Troy, Poliochni and Ur found to have the same origin

The gold in objects from Troy, Poliochni (a settlement on the island of Lemnos which lies roughly 60 kilometers away from Troy), and Ur in Mesopotamia have the same geographic origin and were traded over great distances.

Paleontology & Fossils Nov 30, 2022

Mammoth problem found with extinction timeline

Precisely when mammoths went extinct has fascinated paleontologists for generations, perhaps because their decline coincided with the arrival of people to North and South America.

Environment Nov 30, 2022

Offshore carbon storage deployment and research needs to scale up for UK to deliver net zero pledge

The U.K. will need to step up research and deployment of new offshore carbon storage wells if it is to achieve the capacity required to deliver its net zero emissions plans, a briefing by the Royal Society has said.

Ecology Nov 29, 2022

White sharks once again migrate into Florida's waters, probably eating other sharks

It's that time of year again: White sharks, just like snowbirds, have started heading south for the weather. They're turning toward Florida's waters after spending the summer off Cape Cod and Nova Scotia, hunting seals and ...

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