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Nanomaterials Jan 30, 2023

Powering wearable technology with MXene textile supercapacitor 'patch'

Researchers at Drexel University are one step closer to making wearable textile technology a reality. Recently published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A, materials scientists from Drexel's College of Engineering, ...

Materials Science Jan 30, 2023

Solid material that 'upconverts' visible light photons to UV light photons could change how we utilize sunlight

The importance of solar power as a renewable energy resource is increasing. Sunlight contains high-energy UV light with a wavelength shorter than 400 nm, which can be broadly used, for example, for photopolymerization to ...

Plants & Animals Jan 30, 2023

Earwigs are the hero single mothers of the insect world, and good for your garden too

You lift a stone and staring up at you is a little insect with its tail curled and pincers ready to inflict who knows what. Then you see its attendants—tiny white insects, huddled underneath. Should you drop the stone and ...

Environment Jan 30, 2023

The Auckland floods are a sign of things to come: The city needs stormwater systems fit for climate change

The extraordinary flood event Auckland experienced on the night of January 27, the eve of the city's anniversary weekend, was caused by rainfall that was literally off the chart.

Evolution Jan 30, 2023

Genetic diversity of the Saimaa ringed seal decreased in the 20th century as a result of human actions: Study

A new study confounds conceptions about the origins of the Saimaa ringed seal. In addition, scientists have observed that the genetic diversity of the Saimaa ringed seal decreased in the 20th century as a result of human ...

Planetary Sciences Jan 27, 2023

Perseverance takes a selfie to show off some of its samples

One of the main jobs for the Perseverance Mars rover past few weeks has been collecting carefully selected samples of Mars rock and soil. These samples have been placed and sealed in special sample tubes and left in well-identified ...

Archaeology Jan 26, 2023

Egypt unveils ancient 'secret keeper' tomb, golden mummy

Egypt unveiled Thursday a gold-laced mummy and four tombs, including of an ancient king's "secret keeper", discovered in the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo.

Earth Sciences Jan 26, 2023

Kill dates for re-exposed black mosses

In their new paper for the Geological Society of America journal Geology, Dulcinea Groff and colleagues used radiocarbon ages (kill dates) of previously ice-entombed dead black mosses to reveal that glaciers advanced during ...

Cell & Microbiology Jan 24, 2023

Study reveals dynamics of DNA ligation during genome replication

Unconnected strands of DNA must be sealed together during genome replication and repair, and a new KAUST-led investigation shows how the fastening enzyme involved gets the job done.

Plants & Animals Jan 23, 2023

Study reveals influence of krill availability on humpback whale pregnancies

New collaborative research led by scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, shows reduced krill supplies lead to fewer pregnancies in humpback whales—a finding that could have major implications for industrial ...

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