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Ecology Aug 09, 2022

Endangered sharks, rays caught in protected Med areas: study

Endangered sharks, rays and skates in the Mediterranean are more frequently caught in protected than in unprotected areas, according to research published Tuesday highlighting the need for better conservation for critically ...

Environment Aug 03, 2022

Health care is responsible for 7% of carbon emissions, and there are safe and easy ways to reduce it

While we think of carbon emissions coming from manufacturing and agriculture, we don't often think of those arising from health care. In Australia, health care is responsible for 7% of national carbon emissions, while globally, ...

Archaeology Aug 01, 2022

New Mexico mammoths among best evidence for early humans in North America

About 37,000 years ago, a mother mammoth and her calf met their end at the hands of human beings.

Optics & Photonics Aug 01, 2022

Fiddler crab eye view inspires researchers to develop novel artificial vision

Artificial vision systems find a wide range of applications, including self-driving cars, object detection, crop monitoring, and smart cameras. Such vision is often inspired by the vision of biological organisms. For instance, ...

Plants & Animals Jul 25, 2022

What's a shark ordinarily associated with the Arctic doing in Belize?

A half-blind shark that is typically thought to live in freezing Arctic waters, scavenge on polar bear carcasses and survive for hundreds of years, recently turned up in perhaps an unexpected place—a coral reef off Belize. ...

Ecology Jul 21, 2022

Effective laws needed to protect large carnivores from extinction

Effective national and international laws are needed to reverse the decline of populations of large carnivores—such as tigers, wolves, and eagles—and reduce their risk of extinction, reports a paper published in Scientific ...

Paleontology & Fossils Jul 21, 2022

Meet Qikiqtania, a fossil fish with the good sense to stay in the water while others ventured onto land

Approximately 365 million years ago, one group of fishes left the water to live on land. These animals were early tetrapods, a lineage that would radiate to include many thousands of species including amphibians, birds, lizards ...

Plants & Animals Jul 19, 2022

Two-thirds of species in global shark fin trade at risk of extinction

More than 70 percent of species that end up in the global shark fin trade are at risk of extinction—and sharks living closer to our coastlines might be of greatest conservation concern, according to new research.

Ecology Jul 12, 2022

How cover crops can protect the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay once produced tens of millions of bushels of oysters a year. Today, the oyster harvest is below one percent of these historic highs. What happened?

Evolution Jul 12, 2022

A look inside ancient fish heads: Brain space yields new insights on prehistoric lungfish

The evolution of the brain and nervous system in animals has been wound back more than 400 million years, thanks to the examination of fossil remains of ancient lungfish providing a missing link in the emergence of land-living, ...

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