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Evolution Sep 15, 2022

Researchers discover extinct prehistoric reptile that lived among dinosaurs

Smithsonian researchers have discovered a new extinct species of lizard-like reptile that belongs to the same ancient lineage as New Zealand's living tuatara. A team of scientists, including the National Museum of Natural ...

Plants & Animals Sep 13, 2022

How you can help protect sharks, and what doesn't work

Sharks are some of the most ecologically important and most threatened animals on Earth. Recent reports show that up to one-third of all known species of sharks and their relatives, rays, are threatened with extinction. Unsustainable ...

Plants & Animals Sep 13, 2022

Putting sharks on the map: A new standard to identify important habitats

To date, shark, ray, and chimaera species have not been sufficiently considered in the planning of marine protected areas. However, a publication in Frontiers in Marine Science by researchers from the IUCN SSC Shark Specialist ...

Archaeology Sep 09, 2022

Scientific 'detective work' with South American mummies reveals they were brutally murdered

How frequent was violence in prehistoric human societies? One way to measure this is to look for trauma in prehistoric human remains. For example, a recent review of pre-Columbian remains found evidence of trauma from violence ...

Environment Sep 05, 2022

Congo creates first Marine Protected Areas

The Republic of the Congo has created its first ever Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), supported by a research team including the University of Exeter and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Plants & Animals Sep 02, 2022

Dead fish are piling up on San Francisco Bay Area shores: A toxic algae bloom is the likely cause

Thousands of dead fish and other marine life carcasses are washing ashore in the San Francisco Bay Area, creating a foul smell. Experts point to an unprecedented "red tide" algae bloom as the mostly likely cause.

Earth Sciences Sep 01, 2022

Machine learning using climatic pattern data may help predict harmful algal blooms earlier

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are phytoplankton colonies that may harm aquatic ecosystem and human health. The fish die-offs, shellfish closures and reluctance among consumers to eat seafood often caused by these blooms costs ...

Plants & Animals Aug 26, 2022

Baby manta rays: New light shed on their life in Indonesian aquatic playground

The early lives of manta rays remain a mystery. This is possibly because most researchers tend to pay more attention to large adult rays than their pups.

Evolution Aug 24, 2022

Sawfish fossils suggest teeth likely evolved from body scales in ancient fish

Scientists have long debated the origins of teeth. Did they evolve from body scales that migrated into the mouths of ancient vertebrates and became adapted for eating—an idea known as the "outside-in" hypothesis? Or did ...

Plants & Animals Aug 23, 2022

High levels of toxic mercury in some species of shark meat, fins pose dangers to human health

Shark fins and meat from hammerhead sharks pose a health risk to consumers—especially women of childbearing age—and should not be sold because of their dangerously high levels of toxic mercury, according to a new study.

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