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General Physics Oct 31, 2012

Of noise and neurons: Sensory coding, representation and short-term memory

(—While much is known about the limiting effect of neural noise on the fidelity of sensory coding representation, knowledge about the impact of noise in short-term memory and integrator networks has remained more ...

Quantum Physics Apr 13, 2017

Physicists observe novel quantum effect that limits the number of emitted photons

The probability to find a certain number of photons inside a laser pulse usually corresponds to a classical distribution of independent events, the so-called Poisson-distribution. There are, however, light sources with non-classical ...

General Physics Apr 17, 2019

Morphing origami takes a new shape, expanding use possibilities

Origami-based structures have been used to create deployable solar arrays for space, adaptable acoustic systems for symphony halls and even crash protection systems for flying drones.

General Physics Jan 10, 2018

3-D printing remakes the strain gauge

Rahul Panat and a team of researchers from CMU, WSU, and UT-El Paso have developed a new 3-D printing technique for manufacturing strain gauges that breaks the Poisson Ratio by 40%.

Cell & Microbiology Jun 23, 2016

How molecules can do statistics

Mobile phones have become commonplace. Modern communication devices like mobile phones need to exchange huge amounts of information. However, what is hidden underneath the elegantly shaped plastic casings is quickly forgotten: ...

Nanophysics Oct 30, 2013

Through a nanopore, ionically: Graphene quantum transistor for next-generation DNA sensing

( —In the ongoing quest to devise faster, lower-cost methods for sequencing the human genome, scientists at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign have developed a novel approach: DNA molecules are sensed ...

General Physics Mar 05, 2012

Why we've got the cosmological constant all wrong

( -- Some scientists call the cosmological constant the "worst prediction of physics." And when today’s theories give an estimated value that is about 120 orders of magnitude larger than the measured value, ...

General Physics Dec 09, 2019

Shape-programmable dielectric liquid crystal elastomer actuators

Materials scientists aim to use bioinspired soft robots to carry out advanced interactions between humans and robots, but the associated technology remains to be developed. For example, soft actuators must perform quickly ...

Materials Science May 02, 2016

'Adaptive protein crystal' could form new kind of protective material

Chemists at UC San Diego have created an "adaptive protein crystal" with a counterintuitive and potentially useful property: When stretched in one direction, the material thickens in the perpendicular direction, rather than ...

Materials Science May 21, 2019

3-D grayscale digital light printing (g-DLP) highly functionally graded materials (FGM)

Three-dimensional (3-D) printing or additive manufacture (AM) is a popular technique that has presently attracted tremendous attention as a promising method to revolutionize design and manufacture. Researchers have expanded ...

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