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Evolution May 06, 2021

Shuvuuia: A dinosaur that hunted in the dark

Today's 10,000 species of birds live in virtually every habitat on Earth, but only a handful have adaptations enabling them to hunt active prey in the dark of night. Scientists have long wondered whether theropod dinosaurs—the ...

Ecology May 06, 2021

US proposes ending rule that weakened wild bird protections

Longstanding protections for wild birds would be restored under a proposal unveiled Thursday to bring back prosecutions of avian deaths by industry that were ended under former President Donald Trump.

Plants & Animals May 06, 2021

The most 'Instagrammable bird' on the internet

A pair of researchers from the University of Konstanz and the University of Jena, respectively, have found the most "Instagrammable bird" on the internet. In their paper published in the journal i-Perception Katja Thömmes ...

General Physics May 04, 2021

Circadian rhythm research could turn early birds into night owls

How body clocks work could lead to science that can turn an early bird into a night owl or vice versa as well as other advances, like helping crops grow all year long.

Plants & Animals May 03, 2021

Bornean Rajah scops owl rediscovered after 125 years

The Bornean subspecies of Rajah scops owl (Otus brookii brookii), documented in the wild for the first time since 1892, may be its own unique species and deserving of a conservation designation. Published April 28 in The ...

Plants & Animals Apr 28, 2021

Natural reserve sites host researchers and volunteers studying ecological challenges

Amid the extreme aridity of the vast Colorado Desert of eastern San Diego County, a ribbon of greenery allows life to thrive.

Ecology Apr 20, 2021

Scientists use fossil records to understand the present, predict future ecosystems

Due to a multitude of human-driven impacts, the Earth is experiencing a biodiversity crisis. It has been referred to as the Sixth Mass Extinction, and scientists are examining similar events in the planet's geological past ...

Plants & Animals Apr 16, 2021

New analysis finds Spotted Owls harmed by post-fire logging, not fire

Are forest fires a threat to the imperiled Spotted Owl? For years, different groups of scientists assumed so, but a new study turns this assumption on its head. Researchers from the John Muir Project, Pennsylvania State University, ...

Plants & Animals Apr 09, 2021

Biodiversity: We can map the biggest threats to endangered species in your local area

Since 1993, 15 species of bird and mammal are thought to have gone extinct, including China's Yangtze river dolphin and the Pernambuco pygmy owl from Brazil. But these recent examples are a tiny fraction of what scientists ...

Ecology Mar 25, 2021

More birders sighted in Central Park this spring migration

This spring, longtime Central Park birder and naturalist Gabriel Willow is feeling a little less nervous than he did a year ago.

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