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Plants & Animals Oct 19, 2020

Light pollution alters predator-prey interactions between cougars and mule deer in western US

A new study provides strong evidence that exposure to light pollution alters predator-prey dynamics between mule deer and cougars across the intermountain West, a rapidly growing region where nighttime skyglow is an increasing ...

Ecology Oct 19, 2020

Early-arriving endangered Chinook salmon take the brunt of sea lion predation

The Columbia River is home to one of the West Coast's most important Chinook salmon runs. Through late spring and early summer, mature fish return from the sea and begin their arduous journey upriver to spawn. In recent years, ...

Archaeology & Fossils Oct 16, 2020

World's greatest mass extinction triggered switch to warm-bloodedness

Mammals and birds today are warm-blooded, and this is often taken as the reason for their great success.

Plants & Animals Oct 16, 2020

Explaining teamwork in male lions

Animal cooperation typically involves sharing crucial resources—and the rules of sharing get complicated, especially when males are involved.

Evolution Oct 15, 2020

A deadly long-distance hunter: DNA study reveals insights about the scimitar-toothed cat

Along with the wooly mammoth and the giant ground sloth, the saber-toothed cats were probably among the most famous animals that lived during the Pleistocene Epoch and went extinct before the end of last ice age. Over the ...

Ecology Oct 15, 2020

Burn scars, winter storms threaten rare and endangered species in San Gabriel Mountains

Up until a few weeks ago, the West Fork of the San Gabriel River was one of the most abundant wildlife habitats in Los Angeles County, a secluded and rugged area defined by its steep peaks, lush canyons and mixture of rare ...

Cell & Microbiology Oct 14, 2020

DNA-peptide interactions create complex behaviours which may have shaped biology

DNA-protein interactions are extremely important in biology. For example, each human cell contains about 2 meters of DNA, but this is packaged into a space about 1 million times smaller. The information in this DNA allows ...

Plants & Animals Oct 13, 2020

Scientists discover the unique signature of a lion's roar using machine learning

The roar of a lion is one of the most thrilling and captivating sounds of the wild. This characteristic call is typically delivered in a bout consisting of one or two soft moans followed by several loud, full-throated roars ...

Plants & Animals Oct 08, 2020

New species of aquatic mice discovered, cousins of one of the world's rarest mammals

Ninety-three years ago, a scientist trapped a mouse in a stream in Ethiopia. Of all the mice, rats, and gerbils in Africa, it stood out as the one most adapted for living in water, with water-resistant fur and long, broad ...

Cell & Microbiology Oct 08, 2020

Video: One cell eating another

Watch as these two microscopic, single-celled protozoans (protists), battle it out, resulting in one eating the other. These organisms inhabit almost any body of still water (ponds, lakes, reservoirs) and the oceans, and ...

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