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Plants & Animals Nov 25, 2022

Trends and biases in African large carnivore population assessments

African large carnivores have undergone significant range and population declines over recent decades. Although conservation planning and the management of threatened species requires accurate assessments of population status ...

Plants & Animals Nov 23, 2022

Captive lyrebirds lose their culture

A fortnight after five lions escaped at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, an amused zoo visitor captured footage of Echo the superb lyrebird as he mimicked alarm sirens and evacuation calls with astonishing accuracy.

Plants & Animals Nov 21, 2022

The phenotypic costs of animal captivity

Animals bred in captivity can experience significant changes to their bodies, behavior and health, which affects their chances of survival when they're released into the wild, a new review from The Australian National University ...

Environment Nov 07, 2022

A Canadian senator aims to end the widespread financial backing of fossil fuels

The United Nations climate change conference, COP27, has begun in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. In the lead-up to the conference, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report ...

Earth Sciences Nov 04, 2022

Fire in the Amazon is associated more with agricultural burning and deforestation than with drought

A Brazilian study shows that the number of fires detected in the entire Amazon region between 2003 and 2020 was influenced more by uncontrolled human use of fire than by drought. According to the researchers, burning of vegetation ...

Social Sciences Nov 02, 2022

Why putting your artistic calling on hold might not always be such a bad idea

As a boy, Terry loved music and taught himself trombone, guitar and the tuba. Right through school and university he played in the evenings in jazz groups, musical theater and marching bands. He started work as an accountant ...

Plants & Animals Oct 25, 2022

From Wyoming mountains to Connecticut forests, tracking feline apex predators

If GPS data from someone's phone tells you they are in a grocery store at 10 a.m. on a Saturday, you can assume they are shopping for their weekly meals.

Plants & Animals Oct 24, 2022

New peril for gray whale survival? Predatory orcas spotted in Baja calving lagoon

A deadly new threat may be on the horizon for gray whales—a species already suffering from a mysterious decline in population.

Plants & Animals Oct 20, 2022

After 2018 Woolsey wildfire, LA's mountain lions are taking more risks

Los Angeles is known for its movie stars and beaches. It's also known for being one of only two megacities in the world that supports a population of big cats. Despite being surrounded by a vast network of busy freeways and ...

Ecology Oct 14, 2022

Protecting wildlife along the US-Mexico border

The border wall snaking along the US-Mexican border was built to keep migrants out—but conservationists say the towering metal barrier also stops wildlife from moving between natural habitats.

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