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Plants & Animals Dec 06, 2021

Big gaps in quest to sequence genomes of all animals

Efforts to sequence the genomes of the world's animals tend to focus on those that most resemble humans with the work conducted almost entirely in the Global North, according to an analysis led by Washington State University.

Environment Dec 02, 2021

Growing carbon footprint for plastics

Plastics are useful, cheap and extremely popular. Global demand has quadrupled in the last forty years and is expected to continue to rise, with correspondingly negative consequences for the environment and human health. ...

Paleontology & Fossils Dec 01, 2021

Grad student finds a new saber-toothed species in a museum collection

There's a new saber-toothed predator in town—and it's been hiding in plain sight.

Environment Nov 29, 2021

A long road ahead to recovery from Huntington Beach oil spill

An oil sheen spotted off Huntington Beach last weekend served as a potent reminder of how long it will take Southern California to untangle the legal, regulatory and environmental fallout of an October pipeline spill that ...

Environment Nov 29, 2021

Light pollution is one more thing to consider when hanging those colorful holiday strands

Hanging holiday lights?

Plants & Animals Nov 29, 2021

Ivermectin could save the endangered Australian sea lion

Australian sea lions—a national government conservation priority species—have new hope for survival, thanks to a successful University of Sydney trial of ivermectin to treat hookworm infection.

Plants & Animals Nov 26, 2021

Sea lion whiskers can move like human fingertips: here's how we found out

Humans have amazing fingertips. They are sensitive and can be moved over objects to feel its softness, texture, size and shape. These movements are both complex, and "task-specific". This means that you adopt different movements ...

Veterinary medicine Nov 24, 2021

Lions at Zagreb zoo catch COVID from their keeper

Two lions at the Zagreb zoo have tested positive for COVID-19 that they had contracted from their keeper, officials said on Wednesday.

Plants & Animals Nov 18, 2021

France bans wild animals in circuses

French lawmakers voted on Thursday to end wild animals being used in live circus shows, spelling an end to performing tigers, lions or bears.

Veterinary medicine Nov 10, 2021

Lions at Singapore wildlife park infected with coronavirus

Four lions at a Singapore wildlife park have tested positive for the coronavirus after coming into contact with infected zookeepers, and have symptoms including coughing and sneezing, officials said Wednesday.

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