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Plants & Animals 4 hours ago

Study: Your local sea snail might not make it in warmer oceans, but oysters will

The frilled dog winkle may sound like a complex knot for a tie, but this local sea snail holds clues to our warmer future, including a dire outlook for species that can't move, adapt, or acclimate as fast as their environment ...

Other 9 hours ago

Opinion: Science communicators need to stop telling everybody the universe is a meaningless void

The scientific worldview has made great contributions to humanity's flourishing. But, as science advances into territory once firmly held by religion—attempting to answer questions about the origins of the universe, life ...

Plants & Animals 11 hours ago

Researchers find evidence of golden mole species thought to be extinct

A team of zoologists and wildlife managers at the Endangered Wildlife Trust, in South Africa, working with a colleague from Stellenbosch University, another with South Africa's Department of Agriculture, and a third from ...

Plants & Animals Nov 27, 2023

Owner personality and mental well-being associated with human–pet attachment

University of Helsinki researchers have collected data about the personality traits of thousands of dogs, cats and their owners to explore owner–pet attachment. The data encompass about 2,500 pet owners and 3,300 pets. ...

Environment Nov 27, 2023

Black Friday is an environmental nightmare. The Victorians had a much more sustainable approach to fashion

Around 46 million people across the UK are expected to have visited their local high street to go shopping over the last weekend in November, encouraged by so-called Black Friday sales. The projected spend in-store and online ...

Environment Nov 27, 2023

We've committed to protect 30% of Australia's land by 2030. Here's how we could actually do it

In the mid 1990s, only 7% of Australia's land was protected for conservation. Now, it's more than tripled to 22%.

Social Sciences Nov 24, 2023

Waking a sleeping language: A plan to revive the speaking of ta rē Moriori

When is a language extinct and when is it merely dormant? There are certainly languages that have passed over that line, and many remain threatened today. But what of those in the twilight zone—can we revive them, and what ...

Biotechnology Nov 24, 2023

Search algorithm reveals nearly 200 new kinds of CRISPR systems

Microbial sequence databases contain a wealth of information about enzymes and other molecules that could be adapted for biotechnology. But these databases have grown so large in recent years that they've become difficult ...

Other Nov 23, 2023

Forensic anthropologists work to identify human skeletal remains and uncover the stories of the unknown dead

A seasoned deer hunter is shocked when his hound dog trots up with a human femur clenched between its teeth. A woman veers off her normal urban walking path and happens upon a human skull. New property owners commission a ...

Plants & Animals Nov 23, 2023

Clues to mysterious new sickness affecting dogs

A new type of bacterial infection could be the culprit behind a mysterious canine respiratory illness that has been infecting dogs from coast to coast, New Hampshire researchers say.

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