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Social Sciences Feb 25, 2024

The psychology of great artists: Beyond the myth of the lone, tortured genius

In our constant quest to understand artists and their genius, we often put them on a pedestal, or we assume that they are otherworldly beings with incomprehensible thoughts. This myth, though common, distances us from everything ...

Ecology Feb 23, 2024

New Zealand opens first 'kiwi hospital' for injured birds

New Zealand on Friday opened its first hospital exclusively treating kiwi birds, and vets have already nursed the first patient back to health—a chick nicknamed "Splash" that tumbled into a swimming pool.

Veterinary medicine Feb 22, 2024

Dogs with epilepsy found to have altered levels of trace elements and heavy metals in their blood and fur

A recent study at the University of Helsinki reveals that dogs with epilepsy exhibit distinct alterations in trace elements and heavy metal levels in their blood and fur compared with healthy counterparts.

Ecology Feb 22, 2024

Birds know no borders. Nor do scientists

Over centuries, wetlands all over the world have had to give way to "more useful" types of land—seen from man's perspective.

Plants & Animals Feb 21, 2024

Research explores how people make a snap judgment about unfamiliar dogs

It's no secret that people can be quick to judge others, particularly when it comes to how a person looks. There have been tons of studies on how physical facial appearance, like makeup or facial hair, impacts a person's ...

Quantum Physics Feb 21, 2024

A new phase of matter: Physicists achieve first demonstration of non-Abelian anyons in a quantum processor

Our physical, 3D world consists of just two types of particles: bosons, which include light and the famous Higgs boson; and fermions—the protons, neutrons, and electrons that comprise all the "stuff," present company included.

Veterinary medicine Feb 20, 2024

Veterinary epidemiologist works to combat rabies in Uganda

Around the world, someone dies from rabies every nine minutes of every day. Uganda records more than 130 rabies deaths annually, but the number of unreported rabies fatalities there is presumably much higher. Dog bites are ...

Evolution Feb 20, 2024

Panama Canal expansion rewrites history of world's most ecologically diverse bats

Most bats patrol the night sky in search of insects. New World leaf-nosed bats take a different approach. Among the more than 200 species of leaf-nosed bats, there are those that hunt insects; drink nectar; eat fruit; munch ...

Agriculture Feb 20, 2024

Analysis of coastal perspectives of seafood farming expansion in the United States

Wild-caught or farmed? If you have no idea how to answer this question, don't worry—you aren't alone. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, most Americans know little to nothing about seafood ...

Archaeology Feb 18, 2024

Stone Age 'megastructure' under Baltic Sea sheds light on strategy used by Paleolithic hunters over 10,000 years ago

Archaeologists have identified what may be Europe's oldest human-made megastructure, submerged 21 meters below the Baltic Sea in the Bay of Mecklenburg, Germany. This structure—which has been named the Blinkerwall—is ...

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