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Plants & Animals Jun 08, 2021

A generation of seabirds was wiped out by a drone at a reserve. Now, scientists fear for their future

Eggs littered the sand, but there was no sign of life around or in them.

Archaeology Jun 08, 2021

Candle box from 500 years ago found in melting glacier in Norway

A team of archaeologists with the Glacier Archaeology Program in Innlandet have discovered a candle box in the Lendbreen glacier in Norway's Breheimen National Park. The team has been posting its findings on their Facebook ...

Veterinary medicine Jun 08, 2021

How to help your pandemic puppy avoid doggy distress

Many people are living on pandemic time. Before COVID and after COVID, in other words. And the post-pandemic world is rapidly changing as more people get vaccinated. Students are going back to school, parents are going back ...

Environment Jun 07, 2021

A few common bacteria account for majority of carbon use in soil

Just a few bacterial taxa found in ecosystems across the planet are responsible for more than half of carbon cycling in soils. These new findings, made by researchers at Northern Arizona University and published in Nature ...

Plants & Animals Jun 05, 2021

Mine-sniffing rat Magawa ends years of hard work in Cambodia

After five years of sniffing out land mines and unexploded ordnance in Cambodia, Magawa is retiring.

Plants & Animals Jun 04, 2021

Reckoning with an animal that sees us as prey—living and working in crocodile country

The wet season in tropical Australia begins with tension. Physical tension, caused by the friction of earth and clouds. Mental tension, caused by the heat, and the expectation of rain and relief. It is also an ecological ...

Veterinary medicine Jun 04, 2021

Dogs can sniff out COVID, but not after dinner when they need a nap

The idea of cute puppy dogs playing a role in leading us out of this pandemic is about as tantalizing a story anyone could conjure up right now.

Plants & Animals Jun 03, 2021

Puppies are wired to communicate with people, study shows

Dogs may have earned the title "man's best friend" because of how good they are at interacting with people. Those social skills may be present shortly after birth rather than learned, a new study by University of Arizona ...

Plants & Animals Jun 03, 2021

DNA found in poop helps scientists learn about secretive fox

There's an elusive fox roaming the southern Sierra Nevada, and experts are trying to learn more about its behavior and breeding success by analyzing one of the few traces of its presence—poop.

Ecology Jun 03, 2021

Allergic to seafood? Don't eat swarming cicadas, US warns

Multiple recipes featuring cicadas have surfaced in the United States as billions of the bugs emerge from 17 years underground, prompting authorities to warn the hungry and curious to think twice before taking a bite.

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