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Ecology Mar 31, 2021

Biodiversity is positively related to mental health

The higher the number of plant and bird species in a region, the healthier the people who live there. This was found by a new study published in Landscape and Urban Planning and led by the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity ...

Plants & Animals Mar 31, 2021

Sounds like home: Murrelets choose breeding locations by eavesdropping on other murrelets

Oregon State University researchers broadcast marbled murrelet calls in mature forests and found that the threatened seabirds' choice of breeding locations is strongly influenced by whether they hear other murrelets in the ...

Archaeology Mar 25, 2021

Warriors' down bedding could ease journey to realm of the dead

The burial field in Valsgärde outside Uppsala in central Sweden contains more than 90 graves from the Iron Age.

Plants & Animals Feb 23, 2021

Saki monkeys get screen time for more control over their lives in captivity

Technology helps humans maintain connections, get work done, and relax after a long day. How it can best improve the lives of animals, particularly those in captivity, however, has remained an open question.

Environment Feb 16, 2021

Opponents of NJ offshore wind project worry turbines will affect views, fishing, and tourism

A half-dozen people stood on an oceanfront deck with a million-dollar view, asking a hundred questions about what's on the horizon. On this clear, winter afternoon, it was the Atlantic as far as the eye can see.

Plants & Animals Feb 04, 2021

In a desert seared by climate change, burrowers fare better than birds

In the arid Mojave Desert, small burrowing mammals like the cactus mouse, the kangaroo rat and the white-tailed antelope squirrel are weathering the hotter, drier conditions triggered by climate change much better than their ...

Plants & Animals Feb 02, 2021

Humans force wild animals into tight spots, or send them far from home. We calculated just how big the impact is

The COVID pandemic has shown us that disruptions to the way we move around, complete daily activities and interact with each other can shatter our wellbeing.

General Physics Jan 13, 2021

Studying chaos with one of the world's fastest cameras

There are things in life that can be predicted reasonably well. The tides rise and fall. The moon waxes and wanes. A billiard ball bounces around a table according to orderly geometry.

Archaeology Nov 25, 2020

Bird with tall, sickle-shaped beak reveals hidden diversity during the age of dinosaurs

A Cretaceous-age, crow-sized bird from Madagascar would have sliced its way through the air wielding a large, blade-like beak and offers important new insights on the evolution of face and beak shape in the Mesozoic forerunners ...

Plants & Animals Oct 22, 2020

Big-hearted corvids

Ravens, crows, magpies and their relatives are known for their exceptional intelligence, which allows them to solve complex problems, use tools or outsmart their conspecifics. One capability, however, that we humans value ...

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