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Evolution Nov 26, 2022

What if the dinosaurs hadn't gone extinct? Why our world might look very different

Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid hit the Earth with the force of 10 billion atomic bombs and changed the course of evolution. The skies darkened and plants stopped photosynthesising. The plants died, then the animals ...

Ecology Nov 18, 2022

Disease carried by cats, pigs kills two spinner dolphins in Hawaiian waters

Two spinner dolphins died from toxoplasmosis after becoming infected with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, according to researchers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Health and Stranding Lab. One dolphin was stranded ...

Plants & Animals Oct 06, 2022

How we tracked one small seabird species' remarkable flight into a typhoon

In 2018, 49,000 people in Japan were ordered to evacuate their homes as the strongest typhoon in 25 years, Typhoon Jebi, was on course to make landfall. Among those heading for shelter were my colleague Ken Yoda, professor ...

Plants & Animals Sep 29, 2022

Magpies, curlews, peregrine falcons: How birds adapt to our cities, bringing wonder and joy and conflict

For all the vastness of our Outback and bush, most Australians live in urban areas. In cities, we live within an orderly landscape, molded and manufactured by us to suit our needs. But other species also live in this modified ...

Plants & Animals Sep 17, 2022

An arms race over food waste: Sydney cockatoos are still opening curbside bins, despite our best efforts to stop them

Bloody hell! That cockatoo just opened my bin, and it's eating my leftover pizza. We can't have that, I'll put a rock on the lid to stop it opening the bin. Problem solved…?

Plants & Animals Aug 24, 2022

Look up this spring and you might see little ravens build soft, cozy nests from your garden trees

Spring is nearing and birds will soon start nesting in trees in backyards across Australia. The trees in our garden are now 40 years old—not old by tree standards, but old enough to be among the tallest in our suburb, offering ...

Evolution Aug 08, 2022

Is brain fog limited to humans?

Is brain fog a condition limited to humans? "Infectious disease and cognition in wild populations," a recently published paper in Trends in Ecology & Evolution, answers that question. In a review of the studies, it explores ...

Ecology Aug 01, 2022

As species recover, some threaten others in more dire shape

Concealed behind trees near Lake Michigan, two scientists remotely manipulated a robotic owl on the forest floor. As the intruder flapped its wings and hooted, a merlin guarding its nest in a nearby pine darted overhead, ...

Earth Sciences Jul 26, 2022

How Minnesota's little, polluted Crow River clouds the Mississippi

Carrie Jennings flits around the South Fork Crow River like a water bug in the old one-seat canoe she bought years ago for $100, then pauses midstream to peer down at the brown water.

Plants & Animals Jun 22, 2022

Research team documents first crows to survive deadly West Nile virus

West Nile virus may no longer be a death sentence to crows. In a new study from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, wildlife experts describe successfully treating and releasing five American crows infected ...

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