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Plants & Animals Oct 22, 2020

Big-hearted corvids

Ravens, crows, magpies and their relatives are known for their exceptional intelligence, which allows them to solve complex problems, use tools or outsmart their conspecifics. One capability, however, that we humans value ...

Ecology Oct 14, 2020

Whitebark pine declines may unravel the tree's mutualism with Clark's Nutcracker

The relationship between the whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis), an iconic tree of western mountaintops, and the Clark's Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana), a brash bird in the crow family, is often used as an example of the ...

Plants & Animals Sep 25, 2020

Researchers show conscious processes in birds' brains for the first time

By measuring brain signals, a neuroscience research group at the University of Tübingen has demonstrated for the first time that corvid songbirds possess subjective experiences. Simultaneously recording behavior and brain ...

Plants & Animals Sep 22, 2020

Warming ocean, old-forest loss put a squeeze on an elusive seabird

Squeezed by changing ocean conditions that limit their food options and the long-term loss of old forest needed for nesting, marbled murrelets would benefit most from conservation efforts that take both ocean and forest into ...

Archaeology Sep 21, 2020

Bird beak revealed by laser imaging informs early beak function and development

Confuciusornis was a crow-like fossil bird that lived in the Cretaceous ~120 million years ago. It was one of the first birds to evolve a beak. Early beak evolution remains understudied. Using an imaging technique called ...

Plants & Animals Sep 01, 2020

Red fox displaces Arctic fox thanks to littering

Animal species that are at home in the high mountains are finding their habitats reduced and fragmented by roads. In addition, they face competition from scavengers from lower boreal areas that find their way to the mountains.

Plants & Animals Aug 21, 2020

Understanding how birds respond to extreme weather can inform conservation efforts

When it comes to climate change, University of Wisconsin-Madison forest and wildlife ecology Professor Ben Zuckerberg says birds are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. They are both responsive and sensitive to changes ...

Plants & Animals Jul 29, 2020

My talk with Jane Goodall: Vegetarianism, animal welfare and the power of children's advocacy

This month marks 60 years since Dame Jane Goodall first ventured into the wilds of Gombe, Tanzania, at the tender age of 26 to study the behavior of chimpanzees. She has devoted her life to species conservation and campaigned ...

Ecology Jul 21, 2020

Debate needed on the potential culling of crows and foxes to protect Europe's declining ground-nesting birds

Further studies and debate are needed on the potential culling of generalist predators such as crows and foxes as a means of protecting Europe's ever declining number of ground-nesting birds, a new study suggests.

Plants & Animals Jul 14, 2020

Uniform vs. particolored plumage leads to reproductive isolation among crows, study finds

Although carrion crows and hooded crows are almost indistinguishable genetically, they avoid mating with each other. LMU researchers have now identified a mutation that appears to contribute to this instance of reproductive ...

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