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Social Sciences 12 hours ago

Better use of tech in prisons would help with transition back into society, says researcher

Better use of technology in prisons would improve family relationships, and ultimately, a detainee's prospects of transitioning successfully back into society.

Economics & Business 13 hours ago

Impact of Child Trust Funds in the UK 'a missed opportunity,' researchers say

Researchers from Aston and Lincoln Universities have conducted a comprehensive study to evaluate the effectiveness of Child Trust Funds (CTFs) in the United Kingdom.

Earth Sciences 17 hours ago

Examining how much wildfire smoke influences air quality trends

Stanford research reveals the rapidly growing influence of wildfire smoke on air quality trends across most of the United States. Wildfire smoke in recent years has slowed or reversed progress toward cleaner air in 35 states, ...

Cell & Microbiology 19 hours ago

Common statistical principles of scaling found in nature now seen in human cells

Research led by the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University, Canada, has found that human cells seem to follow a homeostasis pattern of cell size and count across the entire organism.

Social Sciences Sep 18, 2023

Healthy connections can help kids cope with cyberbullying

TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, whatever the platform, if your teen is active on social media, they may encounter cyberbullying. In fact, 44% of Aussie teens say they've had a negative online experience in the past six months.

Political science Sep 14, 2023

New poll shows 77% of Massachusetts residents support $600 child and family tax credit

New polling data released late last week shows 77% of surveyed Massachusetts residents support a $600 state Child and Family Tax Credit. This polling confirms the popularity of the more generous Child and Family Tax Credit ...

Social Sciences Sep 14, 2023

Should we give children an allowance?

Instead of setting an allowance, many parents decide to give money on demand to their children. When figuring out if that's a good option, we need to be aware that the key is not so much in giving or not giving an allowance, ...

Social Sciences Sep 13, 2023

Stand back and avoid saying 'be careful!': How to help your child take risks at the park

There is ongoing concern about the impact of "helicopter parenting" on children's growth and development.

Social Sciences Sep 12, 2023

Kids have already 'normalized' gender roles by preschool, study finds

So much for the powerful feminist messaging in the new Barbie movie.

Economics & Business Sep 11, 2023

UK report highlights link between child poverty and poor educational attainment

University of York academics have contributed to a major report which highlights how a failure to address childhood inequality is creating a "conveyor belt of disadvantage."

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