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Social Sciences May 23, 2023

Social media did not help in preventing anxiety and depression during the pandemic, says research

Keeping in touch via video, phone and instant messaging was little help in preventing a rise in people's anxiety and depression during the pandemic lockdowns, a major new U.K. study has found.

Molecular & Computational biology May 18, 2023

Researchers uncover the hidden complexity of the Montmorency tart cherry genome

Since Michigan is the nation's leading producer of tart cherries, Michigan State University researchers were searching for the genes associated with tart cherry trees that bloom later in the season to meet the needs of a ...

Environment May 18, 2023

These Marines drank Camp Lejeune's poison. The road to justice is long

Joan Palumbo wasn't told the danger she was in when she stepped under the showerhead in her bathroom in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Social Sciences May 17, 2023

Collaboration is key to creating a culture that supports children's behavior in early childhood education, says study

When a child behaves in an unwanted manner, changing their behavior often becomes a focus. Research, however, suggests that influencing the behavior of adults who interact with the child would be more effective.

Archaeology May 17, 2023

The expendables: Health consequences of child labor in 19th-century England

Skeletal remains preserve direct evidence of the health issues faced by children born into poverty and forced into labor in 19th century England, according to a study published May 17, 2023, in the open-access journal PLOS ...

Economics & Business May 16, 2023

Report: Pre-primary education 'chronically' underfunded as richest nations drift further away from 10% aid goal

International aid for pre-primary education has fallen further behind an agreed 10% spending target since the COVID-19 outbreak, according to new research.

Social Sciences May 16, 2023

Opinion: Our hybrid media system has emboldened anti-LGBTQ+ hate—what can we do about it?

Anti-LGBTQ+ hate from religious conservatives and far-right extremists in the United States, and now in Australia, is a worrying trend.

Environment May 16, 2023

Reusable nappies can reduce the environmental footprint of parenting—but only if they're used with care

Around the world, another 45 babies are born every ten seconds. Each of these babies will require nappies that need to be changed frequently. So it's understandable that new parents want to do what's best for their baby—and ...

Education May 11, 2023

How teachers can help children generate wonder in the classroom

Psychologists from Lancaster University are investigating the teacher's role in generating wonder in the classroom.

Social Sciences May 9, 2023

Long-term study pinpoints who has been shot and witnessed shootings by race, sex, and birth year

Exposure to gun violence is one of the great traumas of American life, but its harms are not equally distributed. In a first-of-its-kind study published Tuesday in JAMA Network Open, a Harvard sociology professor and his ...

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