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Social Sciences Sep 12, 2023

Kids have already 'normalized' gender roles by preschool, study finds

So much for the powerful feminist messaging in the new Barbie movie.

Economics & Business Sep 11, 2023

UK report highlights link between child poverty and poor educational attainment

University of York academics have contributed to a major report which highlights how a failure to address childhood inequality is creating a "conveyor belt of disadvantage."

Social Sciences Sep 7, 2023

Report: Nearly a half-million children sexually exploited in online livestreams in the Philippines last year

In 2022 alone, nearly a half-million Filipino children, or roughly 1 in 100 children, were trafficked to produce child sexual exploitation material (CSEM), according to estimates from a prevalence study by International Justice ...

Ecology Sep 6, 2023

Climate change is destroying reefs, but the effects are more than ecological—they're also cultural and spiritual

Hurricane Idalia made landfall on Florida's Gulf Coast on Aug. 30, 2023, bringing surging seas and winds over 100 mph. Meanwhile, another climate emergency has been unfolding along Florida's coast this summer: a marine heat ...

Cell & Microbiology Sep 6, 2023

New tech enables scientists to see living cells' organelles in motion at super-high resolution

The research group of Professor Yoav Shechtman from the Israel Institute of Technology Faculty of Biomedical Engineering has developed groundbreaking technology enabling scientists to see dynamic processes in living cells. ...

Social Sciences Sep 5, 2023

Scientists propose 10 measures to prevent women from abandoning their academic careers after motherhood

The challenges of motherhood often lead women to leave academia after their first child. In fact, studies in the United States suggest that about 50% of women scientists in the U.S. leave science after motherhood. To address ...

Social Sciences Sep 5, 2023

Research to inform support services for women experiencing homelessness

Complex stories of homelessness, as told through the experiences of women in the North East of England, are the focus of a study led by Joanne McGrath, a third year Ph.D. student based at Northumbria University.

Social Sciences Sep 5, 2023

New study shows parents' concerns about children's reading should not be ignored

If you have concerns your child is having trouble reading, new research shows it's likely something that needs attention. As children across the country head back to class this week, a new study from Western University researchers ...

Social Sciences Sep 1, 2023

Research suggests negative self-views contribute to achievement inequality

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds often have negative views of themselves and their academic abilities, even when their achievements and abilities are equal to those of their peers.

Education Sep 1, 2023

Learning by knowing, by doing, by being

When we learn, we are knowing and doing and being—educators work with all three. While that may seem like common sense, the value of bringing them together cohesively is not understood as well as it should be.

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