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Biochemistry 5 hours ago

New twist on CRISPR technology

In a classic episode of an old-school TV comedy called I Love Lucy, we see Lucille Ball stepping into an assembly line job at a candy factory. As the pace of the conveyor belt exceeds her ability to wrap the candy, the frenzy ...

Biotechnology Nov 12, 2019

Using CRISPR for dose-dependent activation of gene expressions

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S. has developed a way to use the CRISPR gene editing technique for dose-dependent activation of gene expressions. In their paper published in the journal ...

Analytical Chemistry Nov 11, 2019

CRISPR: More than just for gene editing?

The gene-editing tool CRISPR has been heralded as a scientific miracle destined to eradicate diseases from sickle-cell anemia to cancer, or decried as "the genetic scissors that tailor the human gene pool," an ethically risky ...

Biotechnology Nov 06, 2019

A new CRISPR-Cas9 protein to increase precision of gene editing

A team of researchers from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and Karolinska Institutet has recently developed a new protein that can help increase the targeting accuracy in the genome editing process. It is believed that ...

Biotechnology Nov 07, 2019

Modified CRISPR gene editing tool could improve therapies for HIV, sickle cell disease

City of Hope researchers may have found a way to sharpen the fastest, cheapest and most accurate gene editing technique, CRISPR-Cas9, so that it can more successfully cut out undesirable genetic information.

Biotechnology Oct 21, 2019

New CRISPR genome editing system offers a wide range of versatility in human cells

A team from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard has developed a new CRISPR genome-editing approach by combining two of the most important proteins in molecular biology—CRISPR-Cas9 and a reverse transcriptase—into a ...

Cell & Microbiology Oct 31, 2019

Status of proteins housing DNA controls how cells maintain identity

The inheritance, not only of DNA, but of changes to proteins that package it, maintains the identity of cells as they multiply, a new study finds.

Biotechnology Oct 28, 2019

Transforming DNA repair errors into assets

A new bioinformatics tool, MHcut, developed by researchers in Kyoto, Japan, and Montreal, Canada, reveals that a natural repair system for DNA damage, microhomology-mediated end joining, is probably far more common in humans ...

Biotechnology Nov 05, 2019

The evolution of genetic engineering

Charles Gersbach, the Rooney Family Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, leads a lab that is centered on developing and applying genome engineering tools––most notably CRISPR-based technology. ...

Biotechnology Sep 30, 2019

New CRISPR-Cas9 variant may boost precision in gene editing

Researchers have developed a new variant of the gene editing technique CRISPR-Cas9 that has the potential to increase precision during gene therapy in humans. The new variant reduced unintended changes in DNA compared to ...

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