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Cell & Microbiology Jun 10, 2021

Decoded genome of little-known disease offers hope for citrus

Scientists are hoping the RNA of an obscure infection can one day be used like a Trojan horse to deliver life-saving treatments to citrus trees.

Cell & Microbiology Jun 10, 2021

An algorithm to make CRISPR gene editing more precise

Researchers from Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen have developed a new method, which makes CRISPR gene editing more precise than conventional methods. The method selects the molecules best suited for helping ...

Biotechnology Jun 10, 2021

New method to untangle 3D cancer genome

Northwestern Medicine scientists have invented a new method for resolving rearranged chromosomes and their 3D structures in cancer cells, which can reveal key gene regulators that lead to the development of tumors, published ...

Cell & Microbiology Jun 09, 2021

A rice fish model of a rare metabolic disorder

Human cells are kept healthy by the activity of millions of proteins. These proteins are modified in different ways, such as by adding sugar molecules to them, which can be crucial for them to function properly. Given this ...

Biotechnology Jun 09, 2021

Researchers improve efficiency and accessibility of CRISPR

One of the most powerful tools available to biologists these days is CRISPR-Cas9, a combination of specialized RNA and protein that acts like a molecular scalpel, allowing researchers to precisely slice and dice pieces of ...

Molecular & Computational biology Jun 02, 2021

Synthetic SPECIES developed for use as a confinable gene drive

CRISPR-based technologies offer enormous potential to benefit human health and safety, from disease eradication to fortified food supplies. As one example, CRISPR-based gene drives, which are engineered to spread specific ...

Biotechnology Jun 01, 2021

Scientists develop new method for ultra-high-throughput RNA sequencing in single cells

RNA sequencing is a powerful technology for studying cells and diseases. In particular, single-cell RNA sequencing helps uncover the heterogeneity and diversity of our body. This is the central technology of the "Human Cell ...

Cell & Microbiology May 27, 2021

Key early steps in gene expression captured in real time

On scales too small for our eyes to see, the business of life happens through the making of proteins, which impart to our cells both structure and function. Cellular proteins get their marching orders from genetic instructions ...

Cell & Microbiology May 26, 2021

Global study of 60 cities' microbes finds each has a signature microbial fingerprint

An international consortium has reported the largest-ever global metagenomic study of urban microbiomes, spanning both the air and the surfaces of multiple cities. The international project, which sequenced and analyzed samples ...

Biotechnology May 24, 2021

Sterilizing skeeters using CRISPR/Cas9

Mosquitoes are one of humanity's greatest nemeses, estimated to spread infections to nearly 700 million people per year and cause more than one million deaths.

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