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Plasma Physics news

Attempting to tame plasmas in fusion

Nuclear fusion, the release of energy when light atomic nuclei merge, is touted as a carbon-free solution to global energy requirements. One potential route to nuclear fusion is inertial confinement. Now a KAUST-led team ...

dateOct 02, 2018 in Plasma Physics
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Pushing the plasma density limit

For decades, researchers have been exploring ways to replicate on Earth the physical process of fusion that occurs naturally in the sun and other stars. Confined by its own strong gravitational field, the sun's burning plasma ...

dateAug 24, 2018 in Plasma Physics
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Recording the birth of a nanoplasma

An international team of researchers has successfully recorded the birth of a nanoplasma for the first time. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the group describes how they pulled off this feat ...

dateAug 08, 2018 in Plasma Physics report
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Wendelstein 7-X achieves world record for fusion product

In the past experimentation round Wendelstein 7-X achieved higher temperatures and densities of the plasma, longer pulses and the stellarator world record for the fusion product. Moreover, first confirmation for the optimisation ...

Study develops a model enhancing particle beam efficiency

The use of particle accelerators is not confined to basic research in high-energy physics. Large-scale accelerators and gigantic instruments such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are used for this purpose, but relatively ...

Seeing all the colors of the plasma wind

When it comes to plasma winds in a tokamak, researchers are always looking for the Goldilocks solution—one that is just right. Winds that are too high or too low can reduce plasma efficiency. Researchers at the DIII-D National ...

Spinning data into sound

It could be the background soundtrack for a science fiction movie. Some sounds bubble up like prehistoric chirps from primordial ooze. Others whirl up and down octaves, quickly joined by a progressive rattling that slinks ...

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