The University of Washington (UW) was founded in 1861 in the Seattle, Washington metro region. Despite its rocky beginnings, UW has emerged as a first rate science, medical center, climate and environmental center, technology center and superior research center in the Pacific Northwest. UW is rated highly world-wide and operates on a $3 billion dollar plus annual budget. UW confers undergraduate, graduate degrees including doctoral degrees, medical degrees and law degrees.

400 Gerberding Hall, Box 351210, Seattle, WA 98195-1210

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What's in a name? Sometimes, the climate

Climate leaves indelible marks on our lives—impacting where we live, what we eat, our work and our leisure. Two scientists recently documented one of climate's lesser-known impacts: our given names.

Q&A: Two ways researchers are studying marine microplastics

Tiny pieces of plastic in the ocean might seem innocuous on their own, but their growing presence is a frustrating issue facing marine ecosystems. The particles' small size makes them difficult to clean up, and it also allows ...

AI conjures proteins that speed up chemical reactions

For the first time, scientists have used machine learning to create brand-new enzymes, which are proteins that accelerate chemical reactions. This is an important step in the field of protein design, as new enzymes could ...

Prosocial CEOs increase company value, stakeholder satisfaction

From Twitter under Elon Musk to the layoffs at technology companies, chief executive officers are more visible than ever. Their choices are publicized and scrutinized, affecting employees, customers and society at large.

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