The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) was founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin and is the oldest private university in the United States. Today, Penn has nearly 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Ben Franklin was influenced by the European model for a multi-discipline approach in higher education. Penn is noted for the Wharton School of Business, Annenberg School for Communication, School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Design and School of Engineering and Applied Science. Penn is ranked alongside Cal Tech for its selective admissions and quality of undergraduate students.

Office of University Communications, 200 Sansom Place East, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6106.

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First-ever evidence of exotic particles in cobalt monosilicide

Anew study provides the first evidence of exotic particles, known as fourfold topological quasiparticles, in the metallic alloy cobalt monosilicide. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, this comprehensive ...

Treeswift's autonomous robots take flight to save forests

Forests cover 30% of the Earth's landmass, but that number is on the decline. Despite forests' crucial role in conserving wildlife and processing carbon dioxide, many are threatened by deforestation and wildfires. Complicating ...

Dueling proteins give shape to plants

In an elegant choreography, plants take cues from their environment and channel them into flowers, roots, or branches. In a new paper in Nature Communications, biologist Doris Wagner of the School of Arts & Sciences and colleagues ...

Political polarization distilled using data science

Despite the pandemic obliterating in-person interaction, Penn undergraduates Emma Arsekin and Janelle Schneider were able to gather and assess large amounts of data for political research, some from sizeable cross-sections ...

Tracking the working dogs of 9/11

When veterinarian Cynthia Otto was in Manhattan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks helping support the search and rescue dogs, she heard rumors about the possible impact on the dogs' long-term health.

How foreign purchases of U.S. homes impact prices and supply

Housing markets are preferred destinations for foreign investors looking for yields, vacation homes or safe havens, or for those dodging tax restraints and corruption crackdowns in their home countries. But demand for U.S. ...

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