Ratchet-like genetic mutations make evolution irreversible

(PhysOrg.com) -- A University of Oregon research team has found that evolution can never go backwards, because the paths to the genes once present in our ancestors are forever blocked. The findings -- the result of the first ...

Fuzziness on the road to physics' grand unification theory

Leave it to hypothesized gravity to weigh down what physicists have thought for 30 years. If theoretical physicists, led by the University of Oregon's Stephen Hsu, are right, the idea that nature's forces merge under grand ...

Unraveling the origins of innate behavior in flies

Human babies are born knowing how to suckle, and larval flies hatch knowing how to crawl. But even these innate behaviors don't appear out of nowhere.

A new way to control qubits

A research team that includes two UO physicists have outlined new techniques for controlling the building blocks of quantum computing, a potentially significant step toward making such computers more accurate and useful.

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