The University o Illinois at Chicago (UIC) was established in 1858 and today is the largest university in the Chicago area with 15 colleges, institutes and a medical school complex. UIC offers 74 bachelor degrees, 77 master's degrees and 60 doctoral degrees and various professional degrees. The medical school offers inter-collegiate collaboration with the Cancer Center, the Center for Structural Biology and neuroscience programs. UIC is a teaching hospital, patient care facility and research center that serves the Chicago Metro area and the entire state of Illinois. UIC medical is known for advances in surgical techniques and advances in medical treatments for various health conditions and disorders.

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Bidding adieu to sticky ice, but with a grain of salt

As Americans gear up for winter, many will face one of their toughest foes: ice. From delaying flights to making roads slippery, ice accumulation on surfaces wreaks havoc in many ways.

Why does puberty trigger us to stop growing?

All animals start out as a single-celled organism and then start growing. At some point, of course, they need to stop getting bigger, but the process by which this happens is poorly understood.

Researchers a step closer to effective heparanase inhibitor

The cellular protein heparanase plays an important role in allowing diseases, including viruses and cancers, to spread within our bodies. For this reason, researchers investigating a wide range of diseases are eager to find ...

Paleontologists flip the script on anemone fossils

Billions of sea anemones adorn the bottom of the Earth's oceans—yet they are among the rarest of fossils because their squishy bodies lack easily fossilized hard parts. Now a team of paleontologists has discovered that ...

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