Decoded genome key to developing 'super' peanut

West Aussies with a peanut allergy may soon be able to enjoy peanut butter on their morning toast without fear of a negative reaction thanks to plans by local scientists to develop a non-allergenic 'super' peanut.

What is killing Australia's smallest owls?

When a rare bird is in decline, its rarity becomes part of the problem: how can you protect a species you poorly understand and seldom see? That's where the boobook—Australia's smallest and most common owl—comes in.

Training wild goannas not to eat cane toads

Within minutes of starting her fascinating science presentation in Broome, Ecologist Georgia Ward-Fear transported her audience to a remote floodplain of the Forrest River in the East Kimberley.

Cash incentives prove ineffective for some workers

Cold-hard-cash incentives for workers have been shown to cost companies profits while actually decreasing a worker's level of enjoyment and productivity, according to a WA researcher.

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