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Fish camouflage sends mixed messages to aggro males

Colour-changing fish have only one skin, but they use it to communicate social status, attract mates, avoid predators and more. So what happens when those functions collide?

Serious simulations upskill defence and police personnel

Simulating World War Three scenarios to train military personnel are within the grasp of Perth-based Calytrix Technologies thanks to their virtual simulation technology platform Titan Vanguard CX.

ASKAP test finds "monster" black hole

Imagine trying on new pair of spectacles and when glancing around to test them you spot a monster—that's exactly what happened when the ASKAP antennas were turned towards a group of three merging galaxies 1.8 billion light ...

New headphones can pick and choose outside noises

A tiny hearing device roughly the size and shape of an earbud will make it possible to select which parts of the outside world part become part of your earphone experience.

Missing gravitational waves lead to black hole rethink

Human understanding of galaxies and black holes is being called into question after an 11-year search for mysterious gravitational waves—famously predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years ago—failed to find anything.

Regular dusting bolsters solar panel performance

Perth residents who are the proud custodians of solar panels could boost the amount of power that the arrays produce over an extended period of time by simply removing dust particles from the panels.

Ancient campfires show early population numbers

Radio carbon data from prehistoric occupation sites are providing insights into Australia's fluctuating human population levels tens of thousands of years ago.

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