We are still evolving

From the colour of our eyes to the size of our brain, humans have been adapting to their environment, acquiring new abilities and losing others. We take a look at how evolution is still shaping us.

Probe killers in deep space

In the cold reaches of deep space, something is making us kill our probes.

Going to Mars and never coming back

If all goes to plan, humans will be settling Mars by 2032. And there's a good chance someone on the crew will be from Australia.

Here comes the sun

It's no surprise Western Australia has a lot of sunshine. But what are we doing with it?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for n00bs

Everyone is talking about it, but no one actually understands it. Read this and impress your friends by explaining bitcoin.

Do LEGO instructions hinder skills for the future?

Just as rules are made to be broken, instructions aren't necessarily made to be followed. What impact do LEGO instructions have on inspiring and developing the builders of tomorrow?

Good storytelling at the base of modern society

Good stories are not just fairy tales made to amuse and entertain. They transmit important values that may have helped build our society, a new study found.

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