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Astronomers discover fast radio bursts that skewer nearby galaxy

After upgrading the radio telescope array at Westerbork, The Netherlands, astronomers have found five new fast radio bursts. The telescope images, much sharper than previously possible, revealed that multiple bursts had pierced ...

The Netherlands is not on course to achieve the SDGs

The Netherlands is not on course to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030. In fact, at this pace, no single country will achieve this. That is one of the conclusions from the sixth national SDG report and ...

Choosy female fruit flies reproduce anyway

Choosiness will lead to the best offspring. Being too choosy, however, could in the end result in no offspring at all. Female fruit flies have a solution to this dilemma.

Hotel Ruthenium: how hydrogen checks in but never leaves

How does hydrogen form blisters in ruthenium mirrors for extreme UV (EUV) lithography machines? An M2i research project by Chidozie Onwudinanti and colleagues at DIFFER, Eindhoven University of Technology and University of ...

Sustainable separation technology makes new applications possible

Membranes are widely used to separate substances from each other, for example in water treatment or kidney dialysis. Membrane technology saves energy and water, and has a small CO2 footprint. Unfortunately, large quantities ...

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