Water desalination picks up the pace

A membrane made of porous carbon-fiber structures grown on a porous ceramic substrate is more efficient at filtering seawater than existing similar membranes.

Searching for wind for the future

The first quantification of wind energy in Saudi Arabia points to high wind power potential for many decades to come.

Keeping up with sea-level rise

Maintaining a balance between rising sea levels and soil accumulation will rely on careful management of coastal regions.

Putting gas under pressure

Understanding gas flames' response to acoustic perturbations at high pressure should make next-generation turbines safer and more efficient.

Anemones take the heat with a little help from their friends

A core set of heat-stress-response genes has been identified in anemones in a study that also highlights the role of symbiotic algae in coping with temperature, an important revelation for planning conservation efforts.

Fuel chemistry distilled

A new conceptual model for describing a fuel's composition can accelerate and simplify combustion simulations. The gasoline and diesel we pump into our vehicles is a complex cocktail that can contain thousands of different ...

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