King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a private research university located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. KAUST was founded in 2009 and focuses on graduate education and research, using English as the official language of instruction. It offers programs in Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering; Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering; and Physical Science and Engineering. It was announced in 2013 that KAUST had one of the fastest growing research and citation records in the world.


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Giant clams manipulate light to assist their symbiotic partner

Special cells in giant clams shift the wavelength of light to protect them from UV radiation and increase the photosynthetic activity of their symbionts, shows research from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology—originally ...

New calcium material functions as an ammonia synthesis catalyst

Researchers find calcium outshines chromium in the catalytic production of ammonia. Working together, a humble trio of calcium atoms have defied expectations to break apart one of the strongest chemical bonds known. The atoms ...

Thin-skinned solar panels printed with inkjet

Solar cells can now be made so thin, light and flexible that they can rest on a soap bubble. The new cells, which efficiently capture energy from light, could offer an alternative way to power novel electronic devices, such ...

Beating the curse of dimensionality

A partial matching approach can overcome the dimensionality "curse" of continuous measurements over time to yield more accurate future predictions.

Predicting the evolution of a pandemic

The inclusion of biological uncertainty and the latest case data can significantly improve the prediction accuracy of standard epidemiological models of virus transmission, new research led by KAUST and the Kuwait College ...

Plankton have a genome like no other

The genome of single-celled plankton, known as dinoflagellates, is organized in an incredibly strange and unusual way, according to new research. The findings lay the groundwork for further investigation into these important ...

Trio of tuning tools for modeling large spatial datasets

Predictive modeling of very large datasets, such as environmental measurements, across a wide area can be a highly computationally intensive exercise. These computational demands can be significantly reduced by applying various ...

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