Founded in November 2011 by the South Korean government, the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) supports basic research within the entire range of natural sciences including physics, life science, chemistry, mathematics, earth science, and astronomy by providing highly advanced, supportive, self-directed research environments.


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Spatiotemporal segregation of chiral supramolecular polymers

In 1848, Louis Pasteur successfully segregated two types of crystals of double sodium-ammonium salt of tartaric acid, which were mirror images of each other. Back then, this was done manually through a painstaking process ...

Deteriorating safety on frozen lakes in a warming world

Millions of international viewers enjoyed watching the reality TV show "Ice Road Truckers," in which experienced truck drivers were expected to master scary challenges, such as transporting heavy supplies across frozen lakes ...

The invention of a flexible endoscope thinner than a needle

If you are used to getting regular health checkups, you might be familiar with endoscopes. The endoscope is an imaging device consisting of a camera and a light guide attached to a long flexible tube. It is particularly useful ...

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