France says 1,500 died in summer's heat wave

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France's health minister says 1,500 people died in this summer's heat wave in France—but a campaign of public awareness saved many lives.

Agnes Buzyn, speaking on France Inter radio Sunday, said there were over 1,000 more deaths that the annual average for the time of the year, and half of those were aged over 75. She said there were 18 days of recorded in France this year during June and July.

She noted, however, that it represented many fewer deaths than the scorching heat wave in 2003 that claimed 15,000 lives.

She said: "We have succeeded—thanks to prevention, thanks to workable messages the French population heeded—to reduce fatalities by a factor of 10."

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Sep 08, 2019
Education works. Now lets try it on drug usage, legal and otherwise, alcohol and driving, unemployment, global warming, and a host of other public problems. Just don't call it a "War on ...." --- every "War on ....." in the US over the past 45 years has been a abject failure.....

Sep 08, 2019
invest in aircon, it works

Sep 09, 2019
OTOH in the UK particularly cold winters have resulted in excess deaths of some 20,000. Climate change should reduce the overall death toll

Sep 09, 2019
"... cold winters have resulted in excess deaths ..."

I wasn't going to mention that. Researchers from the University of Adelaide looked at death statistics in Australia. They even found evidence of "excess deaths" in winter in Brisbane - an "east-coast sub-tropical" climate. That's the same designation as Florida!

Proper education is needed. I recall that a UK Court ruled that a disclaimer had to be given before an Al Gore movie was shown in classrooms.....

Sep 09, 2019
Proper education is needed

Good luck with that, when the intended target of the AGW Cult's deceit are incapable of independent thought.
BTW. The winter excess death issue has also been confirmed for the warmer European countries.

Sep 09, 2019
So, contrary to the propositions of those who like to stress the potential benefits of global warming, a net reduction in mortality is the exception rather than the rule, when comparing estimates around the world. And one must not forget that there are important caveats associated with these results, which caution against jumping to firm conclusions

The science is of course highly complex - but that does not stop the peanut gallery from declaring knowledge and certainty - and that they know more than the experts.

Sep 09, 2019
"The science is of course highly complex"

Statistics is not 'highly complex science'. These studies are simply a gathering of existing data and analyzing it - season by season. No "comparing estimates". And the last sentence of your quote - "If it turns our we're wrong, well - we warned you about jumping to firm conclusions"

I went to the site - spent time reading the article. Bookmarked it for further reading (the comments) later - and hit "Start Here". A list of climate related web sites. Saw a name I recognized - clicked on it - a completely different blog. Not a mistake, not an error - a deliberate misrepresentation. Not very nice.....

Sep 10, 2019
Statistics is not 'highly complex science
What a poor statement. Of course statistics can be highly complex. Kind of depends on what you are analyzing. Trying to determine if the warming of the Earth's climate - will lead to an increase or a decrease in net deaths - is of course highly complex. This is of course why the authors caution against jumping to conclusions - which seems to me - exactly what the denier community loves to do.

Sep 11, 2019
"Trying to determine" ... "will lead to" ...

Predicting the future is not what the original post was about. That post dealt with existing data, which had not been averaged, adjusted, normalized, homogenized, interpolated or otherwise corrupted before being made available to the researchers.

"... which seems to me - exactly what the denier community loves to do." I might refer you to your reply to my earlier post.

I read through the first 50 comments late last night - copied some URL's to check out when I have some spare time. Have a good evening.....

Sep 11, 2019
Predicting the future is not what the original post was about
But of course - that does not stop the peanut gallery from making this kind of assertion
... cold winters have resulted in excess deaths ...
Which means we are now in the business of trying to determine if a warming climate will cause more or less net deaths. And of course the denier community is asserting that it will be less.
Climate change should reduce the overall death toll
All I assert is that making such predictions - is precarious - and the science is complex. You on the other hand want to believe that this is just statistics - which are never complex.

Have a good night.

Sep 12, 2019
"predictions - precarious"

Yes, you're right on that. Which is why I prefer deductions based on historical facts.....

Lousy night - the Diamondbacks lost to the New York Mets - 9/0.....

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