Gadgets: After a day of grilling, have a robot take care of cleaning

I've been grilling for years, and love it. I've also been cleaning grills for years, and hate it. The past few years, I've used a power washer with good results but it's still a chore. The Grillbot has been out for a few years but I didn't know about it, so I'll assume you didn't know about the grill cleaning robot either.

Launched in early 1994 as the world's first automatic grill cleaning robot to make the outdoor cleaning fun, easy, entertaining, and even, automatic.

Using it is as easy as any other robotic vacuum; just put the Grillbot on your grill, press a button, and it starts cleaning.

Inside is a to power three strong electrical motors, a rechargeable Lithium battery (AC adaptor included) and replaceable wire buttons. Extra stainless steel, nylon, and brass brushes start at $14.95,for a set of three. The brushes are dishwasher safe.

There's also a smart brain, driven by a CPU chip that controls the movement, speed, and direction of the brushes. An LCD timer can also be set to clean at night. Just set it, it vacuums, and you're done. It seems that easy. The LCD also has a battery-level indicator.

Grillbot suggests you make sure the grill has cooled to 250 degrees Fahrenheit before using it. A built-in sensor will sound an alarm and shut the vacuum down if the grill is too hot.

For charcoal grills, allow the flame to die down, open the lid and allow to cool for at least 20 minutes. Also, make sure the 's lid is closed while cleaning. According to Grillbot, it's designed to work on infra-red, green egg-style, wrought iron, metal, gas, and charcoal grills.

A nice accessory to get is the carrying case for $19.95 for storage after cleaning. $129,95 but currently on sale for $89.95, available in black, blue, orange and red


We all like to cut cords, but the fact is, the quality of sound can diminish when doing so for many of today's products. But with the newly introduced Edifier S3000Pro Active 2.0 wireless studio monitor speakers, you won't hear a sound-qualify reduction.

The speakers connect through Bluetooth 5.0, allowing them to be positioned anywhere left and right within range without worrying about connecting the two speakers with cables. Using proprietary technology, Edifier has crafted one as the lead and the other as the follower in a way that makes the audio from both speakers match perfectly even though they aren't wired together.

Inside the speakers are a 6.5-inch subwoofer and proprietary planar diaphragm tweeters. They deliver a room-filling, 256 watts total RMS.

In addition to Bluetooth, other input types include line-in, optical, coaxial and USB. A wireless remote IR control is great for volume, bass, and treble.

Sound junkies will understand the total power output provided by Edifier as R/L (Treble): 8W+8W RMS | R/L (Mid-range and bass): 120W+120W RMS. $799 for two speakers and the IR remote


Twelve South, one of my favorite Apple accessory companies, has announced updates to their first-ever product; the BookArc for MacBook. By simply switching out a custom insert, their flagship product from a decade ago is now compatible with the latest from Apple.

The BookArc stand holds your MacBook vertically, allowing it to run as a desktop. Just slide your MacBook into the silicone slot, connect it to an external display; add a full-size keyboard and mouse to enjoy the comfort of a desktop setup.

The newest version of BookArc, which includes the custom fit insert for MacBook Air with Retina Display, is available at the Twelve South website along with a list of other compatible devices. $49.99, available in silver and space gray

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