Russian Nobel physics winner Alferov dies at 88

Russian scientist Zhores Alferov, who won the Nobel physics prize for his work in semi-conductor and laser technologies, has died, agencies said on Saturday. He was 88.

When Alferov took the prize in 2000, he was the first Russian to win a Nobel since Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was given the peace award in 1990.

The victory provided a boost for the post-Soviet Russian sciences.

"Zhores Alferov died today," his wife said in comments carried by Russian media.

The physicist was also a Communist deputy in the lower house of parliament.

Alferov was honoured for his pioneering with technology now used in everything from satellites to mobile phones and bar-code scanners.

He shared the award with German-born Herbert Kroemer and Jack Kilby of the United States.

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